Running Your Own Race

Last Update: June 14, 2019

In my quest to build a successful online business, I am developing new transferable skills and character that I believe will serve me well, in years to come.

I have been to struggling for a number of days to embed graphs as part of website content I am producing. But I was finally able to breakthrough and build the graphs I wanted, when I came across It makes the whole process of producing different types of graphs and downloading them onto your website so easy. This may seem a small achievement to some people, but I was so pleased to overcome this challenge, publish the blog and then to get on with other tasks.

Building an online business is just like a steeplechase. There are hurdles on the way that we have to overcome. There are obstacles that have to be negotiated before we reach the finish line. During the race, some will drop out and we too, may feel like giving up. But we press on. It is hard work and tiring, but we keep going. I may not finish first, or have the fastest time or earn the greatest amount, but I have set my own goals and I have ironed out a business plan that I am focused on and I know what I need to do. So the key is to stay on track, don’t give up and tackle all the hurdles that lie ahead.

Keep going.... We can achieve our dreams.

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Babou3 Premium
Great achievement!
We will meet obstacles on our road to success. It's normal and that's good because we learn something new every day. The important thing is, as you say so well, to do our own race at our own pace.

Have a great day!
firstlearn Premium
Hello Jules,

We all see obstacles now and then, from writer's block through to procrastination to sheer laziness.

By keeping going not only can we achieve our dreams but we will achieve them.

JTA1212 Premium
Yes absolutely. Thank you for your comments.

Have a great weekend.
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Jules,

Push through the rough patches in our journeys when we do we will get to the finish line. Thanks for sharing this great reminder for us to keep going!

Much success to you!

Kind regards,
JTA1212 Premium
Thank you for your comments.

Have a great weekend.
Linda103 Premium
Well done on your achievement.
I think of the hurdles as stepping stones, they are lessons learnt that help me on the way to success. I never fail at something, I learn a way not to do it and then find the right way.
Every achievement, big or small, pushes us along the path to success.
JTA1212 Premium
Absolutely. I like that analogy of stepping stones.