Dealing with distractions

Last Update: June 08, 2019

To achieve success in my business, I have to invest time doing what is important. Researching and writing new content, engaging with our audience within my niche forums and Facebook groups, modifying my website and being active on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

At the same time, there are ‘time killers’ that I have to continually guard against. What do I mean? Distractions can stop us from doing what we need to do. This includes scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Social media can be used constructively to build our business, but it can also prove to be an hindrance.

One strategy I use to manage my time on these social platforms, is to timetable time each day to check emails and to browse these social platforms. I don’t spend anymore than 1 hour each day and that works for me.

I have come to appreciate how precious our time is, each day, especially when I am juggling so many commitments. For reason I have become a lot more organised. Being strategic in how I use my time.

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Babou3 Premium
I understand you so much.
Now I work mostly on my sites and I finally see the success happened. It is necessary to know to put in brackets certain activities to advance. But if you manage to do everything it's just as good. I prefer to focus on my business on the internet and now it really works better.

I wish you the best.
JTA1212 Premium
That’s great. Constructive use of our time will pay dividends in season.
Linda103 Premium
Social media can be a big distraction and time waster besides being a great tool.
That's a great strategy, will have to do that more often myself.
GeorgioBitar Premium
I totally agree.
Nowadays most application became more of a distraction source than a helpful source, and I do agree on scrolling uncontrollably through Facebook and Instagram and such apps can be very very time consuming and is one the main reasons people became robots then actually free.
MelWaller Premium
That's great Jules!

I'm glad that you have found a system that works for you!

Great reminder.