Wandering in the Forest

Last Update: December 22, 2016

For more than a year now, I've been wandering in the forest. I've purchased numerous programs and products, but I never understood how to get a "list" and monetize my efforts. Yesterday, I read a post about the importance of "affiliate" relationships to make money on-line. Prior to that I had an Amazon Affiliate agreement, but they "revoked me" :-( because of no activity.

So, after reading an article yesterday, I searched for affiliate relationships discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I love the name! I logged-in to WA and I been reading and watching ever since. I appreciate the warm reception and guidance that I have received in a little more than 24 hours.

After a day, I can see daylight from the forest. Thank you all. I do expect to put in the time and do my work. I know I will be asking a lot of questions and I want to express my gratitude in advance for your enthusiastic support. I will see you at the top! Thanks again for your guidance.

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tyrellch Premium
I share your feeling of light at the edge of the forest. WA simplified all the hazy concepts and continues to do so. Asking a lot of questions is a key indicator of progress, it means you are doing something and need to move to the next stage. No point in getting stuck with so many who are ready to answer your questions. And here you will find that answers come quick and may will compete to get you great answers and tips. Enjoy the ride.
viyee Premium
Welcome to WA. You have all the tools and support you need to grow a successful business online!
Very best wishes you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello J, wise decision.
JS5 Premium
Thank you.