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2017! Now is the time for ME to finally develop a self-substaining e-commerce business. Up to now, I've been reading, learning a little and making too many purchases without knowing how to move forward and make money. Did I Achieve My Goals Last Year?Reflecting on 2016, I didn't achieve my "goals" because I didn't actually set clear goals as it relates to Internet Marketing (IM). Actually, I really didn't have a clue about what it was. But I realized that I wanted to do something different in
December 31, 2016
After being a member of WA for about 10 days, I've taken time to learn more about Jaaxy and how to use it to select niches and domain purchases. I've learned of the benefit of making domain purchases through WA and a way of using the free WA sites in a most beneficial manner. I've also begun to re-read information that I had collected before joining WA. As such, I've concluded that I need to structure a marketing plan for myself as it relates to each blog. I must develop a 30-day and 60-day Pl
December 22, 2016
For more than a year now, I've been wandering in the forest. I've purchased numerous programs and products, but I never understood how to get a "list" and monetize my efforts. Yesterday, I read a post about the importance of "affiliate" relationships to make money on-line. Prior to that I had an Amazon Affiliate agreement, but they "revoked me" :-( because of no activity. So, after reading an article yesterday, I searched for affiliate relationships discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I love the name