When New Starts to Get Mundane

Last Update: May 23, 2016


Everything loses it's luster over time.

This even goes for your niche site. It may be new, exciting, and fresh now but over time the luster will ware off and you'll be left feeling mundane.

This is a very pivotal time for your blog. It's when you find out if you really want to be doing this or not.

Many people will end up quitting. Not out of frustration but out of boredom.

Typically there is very little action during this stage. Such as no commenters or a plateau in web traffic

Just like when we are feeling discouraged; here we need to keep plowing through. Chances are, that if you stick through it during these mundane times you will come out of them a better blogger.

Three Words To Success:
Never Stop Posting

If you have any habits or tricks you use when this creeps into your blogging please let us know know in the comments.

Recent Comments


I get stumped a lot now. It seems I've already written all there is to say...yet finding new keywords does help.

for sure, i have also found reworking your message into new posts works. but don't make it exactly the same of course.

It takes time to really make it unless you have a niche like no other. Keep pushig forward!

I have had this recently - in fact, I have had many periods of this! Then something happens that gives me a boost and so the cycle goes on....

right on!

I just don't want regrets so I keep going, but I really enjoy it so all good .

quitting is a sure fire way to not succeed :)

Thanks Jaron If you quit you will always wonder what might have been.

I agree

Never ever give up, you will only be sorry :)

You know it!

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