Copyright Plugin for Wordpress.

Last Update: October 03, 2016

Does anyone use a copyright plugin for their blog websites? I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea or not. Any information on this would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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drric Premium
Copyright Proof plugin seems to do the trick for me.
DreamAngel Premium
Good question!
Martstervt Premium
Hi JP,
This is a good question. I have one theme that gives copyright information at the bottom of each page. My other theme only gives service for a year nad then you have to pay, it does not
put copyright info on the site.
I am considering a theme change but a plugin might be another alternative.
I will look for more input from the community. A WordPress plugin search may help.

JKingsberry Premium
I have been researching this problem. I used a website that had a copyright. I just had a summary--did not copy. However I learned that when you have a summary, you must still use the citation. Where you got the information is important. Need to check. If your writings are similar to the copyrighted website, you must put the citation. Perdue University and another one (I can not remember) will tell you exactly how to do a website for citations. I like the MLA but you can use the APA if you like it better. How can you have a plugin for Wordpress? Is this for your own website? Yes you should have your work copyrighted. I wrote my own words, but I did use some phrases that were from a copyright website. I learned (will research more) that you can copy facts without worry about plagiarizing. Remember summary and use of your own words and of course direct quotes must be cited. I did not know this. Now I have to go back and make sure it is my words or is a summary of their words. A lot to it. Go to Google > plagiarizing and go from there. I am talking to affiliate marketers who write about information. I read some website that had information, but no cites. I really want to know more about this. Maybe Kyle can answer. There are two Universities that cover this topic quite well. We all need help. Best to everyone, including me.