A Weeks Wage In 1 Day! Are You Serious?

Last Update: March 17, 2016

In Australia the minimum wage is $17.29 per hour, or $656.90 AUD per week. Which is about $501 USD. 10 years ago when I was working as a Head Chef I was earning just $18 an hour. These days $18 an hour is almost against the law (Would be for a qualified trade).

So after many years of financially struggling, I decided to turn to the internet to look for ways to earn extra money. Like everyone else, I got scammed and I also dragged my work buddy into getting scammed because of my suggestion. Between us we lost over $3000. You bet I felt bad, really bad.

But I didn't give up, I've read and seen people making money online all over the net so I knew there had to be a way. Fortunately for me, I went to Google and was looking for a review on a micro worker job of some sort. Steve (Ive Tried That) talked me out of wasting my time and suggested I try WA.

So I joined almost 4 years ago (I couldn't wait for the 4 year anniversary). Like most newcomers I was overwhelmed but stuck with it. I made 2 websites and both were way too broad. I didn't get any traction (Here I was thinking 4-5 posts was enough to be ranked #1) so I LEFT WA!. Bad Move!

I went straight back to handing my money over to scammers and full of fluff products. I then found Squidoo (Now owned by Hubpages) a couple weeks later and made my first 69 cents from a lens. It was then I knew this is REAL!.

Just for memories, here's a screenshot of one of my back in the Squidoo Lenses

Back to WA I came admitting defeat, and relearned the training. I applied the training over and over again until I was seeing daily sales. :) :) I never gave up and worked every second I could on this business. 2 years ago I started an offline painting business when I was earning about $1k - 1.5k month online. This offline business took away too much online business time and eventually I was too busy to be here at WA or with my websites.

Fortunately about a year a go I got back into spending roughly 3 hours a day on my websites. Just recently I have created a learn how to make money site to try help as many people go on the same journey I did (Without the offline business :P)

So now to my subject line "A Weeks Wage In 1 Day! Are You Serious?

Yes it feels incredible, but at the same time it feels almost illegal to earn that much in 1 day, I'm no Politician or anything :P (Without actually doing anything online that day either).

I logged into my Amazon affiliate account last night and checked my sales like I do every night. For the 15th of March I had a few more sales than normal, but nothing too dramatic. So I was expecting anywhere from $0 upwards lol.

I click on every item and calculate the price of each amazon product ordered and the total amount of sales on the 15th was $9010. Almost all the products I promote are in the normal commission bracket, no set 4% or anything. At current I'm on 8% commission per product: $9010 / 8% = $720.80 which then equals $943.57 AUD with todays conversion rate. This is NOT news you want to see when you're about to go to bed to get up for work in 6 hours lol.

I was Sooooo close to breaking $1000 in 1 day online!

*Do note the image says $413.25 for 16th March. This is because not all the items have shipped yet, so it won't exactly say $720!

Why am I telling you this?

  1. Because I don't want others who were like me, frustrated, negative and a genuine non believer of the idea of making money online to let this opportunity we are blessed to have slip by.
  2. Never Give Up! - So many members here at WA have become successful online from this training. So believe in it and make it happen. Don't accept failure as an option.
  3. Don't be afraid to promote big ticket items. This has been said before on WA, it takes the same amount of work promoting a $100 product as it does a $1000 product. I have about 10% of my products as products above $500. This is what made me the $948 AUD day.
  4. If the WA keyword tool or Jaaxy tool tells you that people are searching this term, don't doubt it and say 'Who would buy a oven online (For example)" If people are searching it, they are buying it!.
  5. Anyone can achieve success on Wealthy Affiliate. 4 years ago I had no experience in marketing,or websites and had no idea what a keyword or a backlink was. But I do now :)
  6. To prove to people that you can make really good money from amazon. In fact without amazon I would have probably given up. That first sale is all you need, and it's considerably easier on amazon if you ask me.

Sorry for the really long post. I don't blog on here very much so I guess I'm making up for it now. I'm also not one for the spotlight and tend to just work away in the back ground. It's still very amazing how technology has enable the normal person like myself achieve so much more then ever thought possible.

So a massive thanks goes out to Kyle & Carson for making Wealthy Affiliate what it is today. Without WA, I would for sure NOT be looking forward to the next 30 years of working in the heat swinging a brush and living week to week.

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Renly Premium
Hat's off to you sir. Thank you for sharing your great journey!
Josh From Oz Premium
No probs, look forward to seeing your journey unfold.
Digger2014 Premium
Josh... That is so so cool!!!!! Sure hope that I will be able to do that when I finally get my website up and going. Congrats!!!
Josh From Oz Premium
you totally can!. Stick with it and understand that it takes time to learn the methods and before you know it you will no longer need to read up on how to do things etc.
Digger2014 Premium
I sure hope so.
Groves Premium
Awesome job sir!
Josh From Oz Premium
Cheers bloke
Tchelow Premium
That's a great journey. I'm glad you came back and focused on your online business. It did help you and is helping all of us. Well done! :)
Josh From Oz Premium
WA was good 4 years ago, but is so much better now. I couldn't imagine life without online marketing and WA. Well I can, it's not a good picture lol. Thanks for reading
JudeP Premium
Fabulous inspiration, thank you :)