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He, speaking of myself is very difficult, but no more. My name is Jorge Carlos Rodriguez Aguilar, I am a Cuban Automation Engineer .Since I came to this country I could integrate professionally and learned many new things.
My goal is to create a network of donations to help the Not profit Organizations, and put all my knowledge to help build a community of donors.
Marketing is a passion, as is my relationship with God. Therefore, i decided to use our marketing experience to the service of God. My experience in telephony, email campaign , creating Call Center I want to extend the service of the churches to seek a better relationship with our communities. Promoting the most important activities of our church services and services of small businesses in our community;we can help our communities in their spiritual and cultural development.
For that I would like to help local businesses, churches, schools and Not Profit to work together to self-finance this project. Where they would be the most benefit to grow in customers or donors, according to their interests.
I would like to teach them the benefits they would bring to work with MLM to help grow business and help humanitarian projects , such as feeding children and promote the word of God.
I support community, using strategy to generate money.My network have more 200 members to help me support others.
I would like to find partners to help me create this community and be part of it.
Help me to correct my mistakes and I advise you make better decisions.

Jorge Carlos Rodriguez Aguilar

CEO DonationCommunityNetwork.com
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thank you for the follow.
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Thank you for the follow, I'm now focus in 73 task to fix all my error I make in my project. WA open my eyes, and help me to incorporate new 14 services to support my project
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Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back.
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