Why Wealthy Affiliate Means More Than Money

Last Update: September 20, 2012
Obviously the goal of everyone signing up here at Wealthy Affiliate is to make money online.

I am personally way more thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and what I have been able to learn and apply than any amount of money I could ever make.

Here is why...

Five years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and thankfully it was caught in very early stages. She had to go through a minor surgery and small radiation treatments along with 5 years of medications to make sure it did not come back.

This past July she was having some stomach pains and while trying to figure out the cause a nurse practitioner reviewing a scan noticed a small mass around the area of her pancreas.

Blood tests confirmed she had pancreatic cancer...

With only five days left in her 5 years of taking medications for the breast cancer, this was bad, really bad...

Inside 2 weeks she was scheduled for surgery in Miami to see if it could be removed and what would be her long term prognosis.

After the surgery we were told it was Stage 3 cancer and the surgeon had to perform a Whipple Procedure. Two thirds of her pancreas, her spleen, gall bladder and 12 lymph nodes were removed.

This is MAJOR surgery and tough for a woman 67 years old.

Five weeks later her scans appear to be clear and we have started a 6 month regimen of Chemotherapy then Chemo / Radiation followed by more Chemo.

We have good days and bad days with much more ahead I am sure.

What's the point of telling you all of this?

Wealthy Affiliate and this business called affiliate marketing allowed me and my wife to immediately pick up and relocate to South Florida so we can be with mom every minute of the day and night.

The freedom to be able to be there for your loved ones no matter what is worth more money than you could make in 10 lifetimes.

There is no possible way I could ever thank Kyle, Carson and this community enough to express my gratitude.

Learning and applying yourself every day is THAT important.

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ronamo Premium
Hey joniki, I feel sadness that your mom is ill. I feel happyness that you and your wife can be with her at this time. I hope all goes well with your mom.
BlueDot Premium
Well said - Wealthy Affiliate is not about making money but rather creating pipeline income that will generate a healthy supply of income streams.You are creating options by doing this.Wishing your Mom all the best and a speedy recovery.
pauldeal9 Premium
wish your mom get well I know how is that feel
Wow, this is the beauty of internet marketing. When life throws you curve balls like this you can adapt.

I hope you mum pulls through this and has many good days whilst going through all the treatments to come

- Luke
BIS Premium
I'm sorry that your Mum has had such a tough time. That is a lot for her to cope with both mentally and physically. Thank goodness she has both you and your wife as support.. Hope things continue to improve.

You're so right about the IM. 'Learning and applying every day!'

Best wishes to you and your loved ones