Going On 8 Years...

Last Update: October 04, 2014

Going on my 8th year here at WA and still recommend it as the only place for people looking to learn how to build a legitimate online living.

WA is the reason I have made money online every single month for the last 8 years. Some have been awesome months and some have been less than awesome, but the money keeps coming in as I keep putting in the work.

I know many new members find getting started can be frustrating and even those that have been at it for awhile find building that full time income hard to achieve.

Anything worth having requires hard work...

The key is to keep at it and apply the training every single day...

Some niche ideas will not pan out, some will make you a little money every month and some will help you earn large amounts of money every month.

If you keep working at it and doing something every single day, I can promise you that it does work and can work for anyone.

I always recommend new people stay away from the heavy hitter niche markets like "make money online" and "weight loss / dieting" although there is still plenty of opportunity in those markets. They are going to be very tough to break through as a starter.

Think about things you enjoy and look for affiliate programs that compliment those subjects.

You can find affiliate programs to match any idea you can think of by searching "your idea + affiliate program"

Amazon presents a wealth of products to match any niche idea and there is always Adsense which will work with any website idea you may want to build.

Build a stock of "virtual real estate" websites that will all add to your online income in some way.

Stay away from "fad" techniques as they will not provide long term results.

Building quality sites as taught here at WA and sticking to proven techniques is the only way to ensure you maintain and grow a consistent online income.

Most of all....

Follow the training, follow it again and follow it again until it sinks in....

Put in some kind of work every single day and success will follow.

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Sui_generis Premium
WOW, 8 years? What an inspirational success post! You're living proof that it works and have given us all some good advice. ~Debbi
mama2karsten Premium
Great advice and congratulations on * years of personal success at WA. :) I agree, many give up much to soon. This business requires patience and "thick skin". :))
Shawn Martin Premium
Happy Anniversary soon!!
BrightSet Premium
This is great advice.
benzburg Premium
Congratulations Joniki!
You are indeed the pioneers here at WA and the "Living Testimony of Success."
Wish you keep inspiring people here at WA.