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Here's 500 Bucks. Whatcha Gonna Do Now?I get questions similar to this one all the time when talking to people about my affiliate marketing and online business.Friend at party: You never seem to go to work. What's the deal with that?Me: (laughs) I work at home and actually put in hours pretty much every day of the week. I help business increase their online sales and I get a piece of each transaction.Friend at party: So exactly how does that work?Me: Explain about affiliate programs in a genera
October 04, 2014
Going on my 8th year here at WA and still recommend it as the only place for people looking to learn how to build a legitimate online living. WA is the reason I have made money online every single month for the last 8 years. Some have been awesome months and some have been less than awesome, but the money keeps coming in as I keep putting in the work. I know many new members find getting started can be frustrating and even those that have been at it for awhile find building that full time incom
Are you tracking everything you do online? All too often people get started down the road of creating money sites and get all fired up about keywords, content, links, etc. and forget the most crucial part of building an online business. You MUST know why you made money when it first starts coming. It is impossible to duplicate success without knowing how that success occurred in the first place. Use unique tracking links all over the place so when a sale happens you know how you made it. It gen
June 14, 2014
It's been awhile since I have checked in and wanted to share something with you all that has helped my business over the last few months. As we all know one of the major components to success in this business is creating quality content on a consistent basis. A little while back I hit a wall with my writing as happens every now and then with anyone that writes on a regular basis. You simply get the feeling you have written pretty much everything you can possibly write and find yourself writing
Listen...New people often get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and things required to get going in this business. What niche should I choose? I have to make sure to select the right keywords (or I am screwed) Finding the "perfect" domain name. Setting up a website Do I have all the right plug-ins Make sure I set up Analytics ( you better be tracking my friend, seriously) Now I have to figure out to write engaging and unique content for site visitors AND make it so the
Obviously the goal of everyone signing up here at Wealthy Affiliate is to make money online.I am personally way more thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and what I have been able to learn and apply than any amount of money I could ever make.Here is why...Five years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and thankfully it was caught in very early stages. She had to go through a minor surgery and small radiation treatments along with 5 years of medications to make sure it did not come back.This
Let's talk about content writing for a little bit.There's something that I run into every single day surfing around the web and to be honest it kind of makes me sad.You find this really cool website and the author has a ton of cool things to say.There's only one problem...All the content on the site is crafted in such a waythat it can barely be read because there is absolutelyno space to give the eyes a break and it is almost impossible to keep reading even though you knowsomewhere i
Where to find freelance writing jobs is something long time and would be writers are struggling with these days.More and more traditional publications like newspapers are either cutting back or closing distribution to turn their focus online.There are really tons of job options online for freelance writing in the way of article content, eBook creation, blogging and even ghost writing. There are actually more opportunities for writers today than ever before.How many freelance writers out there wo
No, not THAT "S" word...Get your mind out of the gutter!!!As affiliate marketers we should never be focused on selling.Yes, THAT "S" word...Affiliate marketers help people...We help people find the things they want and need online and we help merchants grow their business online by sending them potential customers.Notice I said potential customers...This is because it is the job of the merchant to sell to the potential customer we have prepared to buy and sent them.The worst thing you can do on
September 14, 2012
I am sure some of you have read the blog post on the forum where I talked about selling a blog I created for $50,000.00.Since I am no longer in that niche I decided to share the story because I think there is some great information that can help new folks.Although I am going to share the niche with you, I want you to understand the actual niche is not that important. It is more about how I found the niche and how you can do the same thing by paying attention to things around you every day.I will