Affiliate Approval and What That Means For You

Last Update: September 24, 2019

Hi Everyone Thanks For checking out my Blog Post.

In this post I will teach you how to apply for Affiliate Programs. My strategies and the amazing company that as of this moment I have 315 active Affiliate Partners through.

As my post image says I joined them in 24 hours, it literary was 24 Hours straight. As, I mention in my goals I'm willing to work 24/7 being an insomniac sucks but makes it possible.

In total, I applied for over 2770 affiliate programs. In this post I will let you know the 126 Affiliate Programs that accept applications instantly for anyone who is a member of the Affiliate company that I will tell you all about, how to find them, what to say in your application and will be covering my new marketing strategy for exploding your earning potential.

I hope by this point that you are excited I'm going to mention the affiliate company now and how to find them before you run away make sure to keep reading so you understand how I got the affiliates and the strategy I used that anyone at WA can use that will be even easier for you as I have already set things in place.

The affiliate company is CJ affiliates a direct link to them can be found through the Affiliate Programs Link in the menu on the left. That's how I found them. Just click the Affiliate Programs Link, in the search box search CJ affiliates. A bunch of the programs that they sponsor will come up doesn't matter which one you choose as long as the Network says CJ which all will be because it was searched for Initially. I chose the first one because the commissions are $2000 and I figured what the hell I'll see if they'll accept me. Not knowing that when applying it was for the actual Affiliate Company CJ Affiliates that has 2778 affiliate programs that you can apply to.

I just want to say now before I go any further that before ever placing any materials Banners, Links or any material from an affiliate be sure you know Thier Contract and Terms. Now that I have said that when applying to affiliate programs don't worry so much about reading the contracts initially they are generally pretty straight forward and almost all the same. The biggest thing is the use of their name and keywords that aren't allowed to be used by you for marketing purposes. The reason I mention this is that you could spend days reading contracts for affiliate programs that don't approve your application and time is money. Be sure to review contracts and conditions after you are accepted and definitely before publishing. Also, with my marketing strategy and the things I'll tell you about you will be using their links in a way that is totally appropriate and within the guide lines of every contract.

Now I want to put you in the right mindset for applying for affiliate programs. I know most are new to the whole concept of affiliate marketing and even if your not my new strategy will help with your affiliates you have now as well as getting new ones in the future. The most important thing to remember is this is a business and with affiliate programs you are entering into a partnership with new or already hugely established companies no matter your level of business skill always be kind, courteous and maintain a high level of professionalism. When applying to any affiliate program even CJ's select lots of options for how you will be advertising. Even if you don't have them at the time you will want them for sure to explode your business for example social media like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.

The one thing that you don't want to choose in your methods for advertising and promotional strategies is any paid for option like pay for click, google ad sense or any payed method they want you to advertise for them but not be their competition. I know they are great advertising strategies. But nowadays they violate almost every Affiliate contract and will lead to applications being declined.

When, you set up your account you will be sent a Confirmation email click to confirm, it will take you to their login screen login. Before you do anything update your Network Profile details this is the most important part and what advertisers will be looking at while making their decision on your application. Your Network Profile is under the Account Tab top left.

My strategy for getting Affiliate application approvals is simple and what I'm actually doing with my WA opportunity that is one that we all can do. I have only been personally contacted by one Affiliate before having my application approved. Which, was approved instantly with my professional courteous reply. I will add my personal Network Profile of my application and the email from the Affiliate that I mentioned.

First getting back to my strategy as you'll see I simply mention my amazing new opportunity with WA and that I will be creating 50 websites in various niches. I also mention that the websites will be created around the affiliates that I'm able to acquire. Now this was just me being honest and describing my advertising strategies. Apparently it worked it was like everyone was racing to approve my application. It was exciting I have never received over 200 emails in one day. Every time my excitement growing as new advertisers from various niches accepted my application. Giving me more ways to think of the website niches and how to incorporate them into my websites. And now with my new marketing strategy that works whether you are a blogger an online store etc. all you need is a website which we have unlimited access to create here and has been the only thing holding me back in affiliate marketing. I'll explain more how it works in a bit I'm getting off topic.

This is what's on my network profile with CJ I have removed my company names and websites because this post isn't about me advertising it's about me helping you and so you can see exactly how straight forward and easy it is.


My name is Jonathon Lowe I own and operate a private R&D company in British Columbia Canada. Our background is in alternative energy solutions. In the process of our new business expansion I had been looking at ways to generate money to help with funding while we wait for the long process of government grants and loans.

I have over 12 years of affiliate marketing and web design experience. And have been lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliates to be able to finally to put my experience to use with all their amazing tools and incredible affiliate program. I also have over 23 years of marketing and advertising experience.

I will be designing over fifty websites on a large range of topics and niches ranging from alternative energy, making money online, Our Clean Green Environmental Mission and lots more that I'll add here as they are published.

Working on our new YouTube channel --------- and planning the largest creator helping creator campaign to help the YouTube community grow and prosper.

As of now we have 3 websites up and running and (which will be when it's fully launched.) (which will be as soon as I switch domain names)
---- --- deals with baby care products and relevant information and all things today's parents need.

As everything is still in progress traffic is low but steadily increasing every day.

Our demographic is anyone with computer access.

Thanks for reading and for your consideration. If you are considering us please know that a lot of the 50 new websites will deal a lot with the relative affiliates I'm able to acquire before I build them.

Thanks Again

Jonathon Lowe

As you can see it's pretty short but detailed. Its important to be personal describe your passions and niches. Remember the person reviewing you application is human too and more than likely will relate and feel you enthusiasm.

I want to point out to that all the websites as you can see from the profile description are not .com's etc. just free websites like wix. And .siterubix. I'm sure there would have been more instant approvals if I used a .com etc. And chose not to use one of mine to show everyone that affiliates can be obtained even with a free web hosting. If you have a .com etc. your application approvals should be even greater.

This is the email I received from the one out of the 315 affiliate programs that has approved me.

Hi Jonathon,

Thank you for reaching out on CJ regarding a partnership with Your Super. I was reading about what you are doing it sounds super interesting! I wanted to check and see if you're building websites within the health & wellness and lifestyle categories as well?

Thank you,

I was going to add my reply but will just try to summarize to keep the reading down . I thanked her for thinking my idea was interesting. It is the one of the hugest complement I have gotten in a while. And made me want to share it with you even more. I explained that I will definitely be covering health & wellness and lifestyles categories. Reminded her that the websites will be built depending on the affiliates I acquire. And informed her that I already have a Healthy Choice tab and will be including it on all my websites no matter their niche. Either in a direct menu tab or as a sub tab under a main heading. Gave her some more information about how I'm moving forward with my advertising strategy. Remember to keep it personal . And ending with this:

Really appreciate your interest in having me as an affiliate partner. If you choose now not to accept my application I will be contacting you in the future when I have a website that I feel will better meet your needs from me.
Jonathon Lowe

I didn't get a reply back from her but I did get the application approval email that is sent by ever advertiser . They thank you and confirm that you have been accepted to their affiliate program. They also have a brief description of their company and give you a few of their best HTML code links to get started right away without even needing to log into your CJ account. The way my marketing strategy works is super simple I don't expect everyone to build 50 websites like I am. It's super important to be honest so mentioning that you have the ability to build them isn't a lie if you don't build 50 you still have the option too.

The way it works is easy no matter the type of website you have. Here's how it's done by simple adding a home page menu option that can be various topics for example: Sponsors is one of my favorites. Especially if you already have a following. In the page description mention something like thanks for checking out our sponsors page please know that every time you use one of our sponsors links for your shopping needs our sponsors give us a small percentage of your purchase for leading you to their products. Their sponsorship is what makes my/our website possible and we appreciate your continued support.

This is literally my favorite page for affiliate marketing and is the simplest to make. By simply adding one of your favorite affiliate banners from each of the affiliates you belong to you can have hundreds added in no time.

The other menu options I like are: Extras, Shop Now, One Stop Shop, Great Deals etc. This is the perfect place to have a drop down menu where you can have categories to cover niches of affiliates. For example, I use: For Him, For Her, His & Hers, For Home, For Baby, Computer Software, Outdoors, Healthy Choices etc. Anything works as long as it's relevant to the affiliates products.

By breaking the menu into categories it helps to direct people to your affiliates materials that they have provided for you it's just right click, copy, paste. That's literary your job description.

These pages are built by adding a few of your affiliates banners and links from each of your affiliate programs. A brief description can help to and breaks up the individual affiliates directing consumers quicker to their products. And you don't have to but I personally put my highest commission affiliates first and tend to add more of their affiliate materials.

Another great menu option is Family Getaway, Need a Vacation. Or anything that deals with traveling. As you will learn going through the affiliate list that I'll be adding some of the highest commissions are with the travel affiliates I strongly advise adding a page just for them.

The best part of doing menus this way is that you don't want your home and main pages cluttered with banners and adds they can be hidden in the menu pages and is by choice of your traffic to check them out, your not forcing adds on people.

In the page descriptions for your affiliate pages it's a great place to add that they are sponsors links and products just like I mentioned for the sponsors page. It is also a perfect place to have a simple text title like Click Here To find out about our affiliate partners and how these pages work. Simply add a text link that goes to a page with your explanation.
This is a good place to be honest mention how the affiliate programs work and how you profit from them (don't mention any dollar amounts) just like the sponsors page. And it's the perfect place to add something along the lines of: If your curious in learning more and how you can get two free websites to start your own affiliate marketing company click here. This is the PERFECT place to add one of your WA affiliate links and build your income with WA referrals which if you haven't checked them out the commissions are amazing.

Now here's the best part once you have designed the affiliate pages you can once again just Click, Copy and Paste the code into all your websites in no time.

The other part of my new strategy is this "Mall" now I know you are thinking mall???. Let me enplane. While going through the affiliate programs they are all under tags like Travel, Shoes, Insurance, Health & Wellness etc. I have never seen Mall before I went through CJ's advertisers. The term mall means an online virtual mall. These are amazing affiliate programs to apply too. Their Product selection is huge commissions are usually around 6-15% and have something for all consumers. Seeing the Mall tag made me realize that we can all design a website/s that is an online virtual mall that is better than all the rest out there. The reason that they will be the best is that we can design websites that have all the virtual malls Amazon, eBay and all are affiliates in one place. My idea behind all of this is to create online shopping site's that have everything people need in one place and is nothing really more than a huge advertisement that we profit from. One of the secrets for any site's success is a huge membership following with high traffic. It's my hope that one day my/our online super mall site's will be peoples browsers home pages. That has everything just one click away.

Now I know some of you are thinking that with your application you don't have the experience that I do. As, I mentioned I have already set things in place by adding my information. As, I said "always be honest don't lie." although you can't say you have over 12 years of experience like me you can and I totally encourage you and allow the use of my name. By simple saying that I or another member here your coach for example . Is your mentor that has the experience and that you are working with me on this new advertising marketing strategy that you have described to them with me or the person of your choice as you mentor in your application.

As, I mentioned one of their biggest concerns is how you will be advertising. One of the best ways is with lots of websites. So if you just have one here I encourage you to even just go and pick the name of another website that you can work on in the future and publish it just add to the main post that you are in the middle of developing it and a brief description of what it will be about and to check back regularly. That way when they check your website information they will see that you have a larger advertising platform. This is one of the tricks for getting your Amazon affiliate program application approved too. Also, as I mentioned select lots of the choices for advertising things like email campaigns, blogs, coupon deals etc. Even if you don't do them now you will be as your business takes off and expands. Again stay away from any paid for advertising options like I mentioned.

Want to thank you for reading this far I will try to wrap it up hopefully I have added enough information. Please leave me any questions here on this post, my profile page and if your a Premium member feel free to privately message me too. Now getting to the list and I'm just kidding but have to throw this in here so please keep reading. The list that I mentioned is yours free of charge for the one time low payment of Forty nine ninety-nine please send payment to givemeallyourmoney@scam.

Again I'm just kidding I added that because if your like me you have spent hours reading or watching affiliate programs online that swear to be free and after wasting an hour or more of your time they are just complete - you know what.

Without further ado the list. When searching at CJ for the advertisers please spell the names as I have them written here to ensure you find them right away. I will add the top three as far as commissions go. And the list of the 126 that approve right away will be from highest to the lowest earning potential. I will also try to include the tag/niche that they are associated with after I add the tag once I'll break it down to make it faster for me an example is Computer Software will be (CW) . I think I have them all some are pretty self-explanatory based on the company name. OK so here I go this will take a bit. Be sure to check the information after the list I will explain a bit about CJ and how their service and Program benefit you and make your job so simple and easy.

Sightseeing Pass (travel) it's the highest earner out of all the now 320 affiliates

NordVPN (CS) 40% commissions

Udacity (professional) $100USD per sale

Touch Of Modern (Virtual Mall) 2.5 -10 % commissions. This is one of my favorites for virtual malls it is directed to towards men but has many unisex products too. If you are thinking the commission is low just know some of the products like watches are up to or over $9000.00USD and most are at a huge discount some around $3000USD. off.

Most companies have an earnings per click too I'm not sure exactly how it works so if you check it out and have a good understanding of the EPC Earnings Per Click. Please pay it forward and add a detailed description to the comments of the blog Thanks. And I will say that most have an EPC on a 30 and 7 day basis.

Now for the rest of the list I won't be including commissions just remember they are from highest to lowest. And they all approve through CJ's platform instantly.

Best of Orlando (Travel)

Adagio Teas (Gourmet)

Bradford Exchange Checks (Office)

Botanic Choice (Health Care)

Shindigz (Party Supplies)

BestOfVegas (T)

Clearly,CA (Vision Care) (VC)

Udacity (Education) (PS)

Newchic (Women's) this one is awesome they have an app and everyone who gets it trough your links gets a $60 off coupon they have crazy low prices and give tons of free gifts. It is categorized under Women"s but they have tons of products for men and children too. I would Class it as a Virtual Mall they have over 70,000 products.

KEETSA (Furniture)

CyberLink (CS)

Corel Corporation (CS)

Yves Rocher (Cosmetics)

VaporDNA (Tobacco)

Botanic Choice (Nutritional Supplements) (T)

Bradford Exchange Online (Collectibles) (Health & wellness) (PS) (Vacation) (V)

Parfumdreams Global

Movavi (CW)

Liquid Web Preferred Partner Program (Web Hosting/Service)

Kinguin (Electronic Games)

Hostinger (WH)

Green Man Gaming (EG)

Just wanted to add here that if you copy and paste the names in the CJ search you have to delete and re add the letter then their suggestions will pop up For the selected company.

And just got another one 321 now...

GetResponse (email Marketing) (Consumer Electronics) (WH/S)

EntirelyPets (Pets)

Diecast (Toys)

Crescent Electric Supply Company (Construction)

ContentWatch (CS)

Winebasket/Babybasket/Capalbosonline (Gifts)

VistaVapors (T)

I just realized to that sometimes the copy and paste doesn't work at all but the company ID's will pop up if you just start spelling the names as I Have it here...

Turnkey Internet (WH)

Trusted Tours and Attractions (V)

Trampoline Parts and Supply (Outdoors)

Silver Gold Bull Profit Trove (Banking/Trading)

Sheet Music Plus (Art/Photo/Music)

Safe & Chic (Cosmetics) (Classifieds)

Personalabs (Wellness)

Perfume Emporium (Fragrance)

Panda Hall (Jewelry)

Netfirms Webhoastings for Small Business (WH)

My Wedding Favors (Wedding)

Muziker (Music)

Medex Supply (Equipment) (Furniture) (Flowers)

IPower (WH)

Hyperbiotics, Inc (NS)

GreaterGoods (Gifts)

Flowers Fast (F) (VC)

ExpertRating (P)

Economist Test Prep (Collage)

Click&Grow (Garden) (Air)

Bonsai Boy New York (Gifts) (Parts & Accessories)

(IS) Interserver Webhosting and VPS (WH/S) (Gifts)

Yoins - Women's Cloathing (W)

Web2carz (Cars&Trucks)

WaySpa - Find The Best Spas (Gifts)

Vivid Racing (P&A)

Vital Imagery (Art) (C&T)

Vapedeal (T) (O)

Unlimited Biking (O)

Triwa (Men) (Tools & Supplies)

TomTom (Consumer Electronics)

The iPage Affiliate Program (WH/S) (Sports)

Skytours US (T)

SilverRushStyle (J)

Rockabye (Toys) US (Hotel) (J)

Pet Street Mall (Pets)

O&O Software (CS)

MySnoring Solutions (E)

Mwave (CLT Computers) (CE)


MMOGA Ltd. US (EG) (Luggage)

Logo Garden (Web Tools)

KingsBottel (home Appliances)

Kaspersky Italy (CW)

Jalbum (Photo)

Inventory Source Dropship Automation Software (E-commerce Solutions Provider) (WH/S)

Holiday Autos (Rentals)

Happy Feet Plus: Shoes, Sandals, Clogs (Shoes)

Golf Outlets (Golf)

GeekBuying (CE)

Fastdomain (WH)

Equifax Small Business (Credit Reporting & Repair) (Bath&Body)

Just got another one...

DigitalRev Cameras (CE)

Digicel (Telecom)

Depositphotos (Photos) (W)

Concord Supplies (Office)

BNB Tabacco (T)

Car Rental 8 (Car)

CAVIALLO.EU (J) (Hand Bags)


And just got 2 more

Lingo Home Phone (Telephone Service)

ValueClick Promotions UK (WH/S)

I think that's all the 126. I will try to add the others at about 50-100 every couple of days as I can fit it into my schedule. I'am super busy building websites but I'm also here to Help out too.

Also please leave the tags that you want in the comments by that I mean Travel, gifts etc. The ones that I get lots for I'll add separate lists and I'm trying to think of a faster way to upload the companies too. Maybe I'll make a separate website and just add screen shots from my email That has all the approved applications. The rest of them aren't instant but I was approved after their review. So as long as you do as I mentioned there should be no problem for anyone to obtain the other ones too.

The things I wanted to mention about CJ and their platform and how easy it is are. Their superb search engine it allows you to search for just your advertises you can search for pending and approved applications and tons more . They keep track of everything handle all the payments and keep track of everything for you.

Your CJ Dashboard tracks all your - Commissions, Sales, Leads, Clicks, Impressions, EPC's and Conversions.

Which is super cool I have had 22 Clicks in 3 days and 46,951 impressions which means almost 50,00 people have viewed my website that's not and just launched has no real content yet that is something I'll be adding over the next few days to keep people coming back. It's also great because it shows my keywords are working.

One thing I want to point out too is that you will notice some of the affiliate programs aren't .com's which is totally fine you need to remember that your an online company your business is Global. And just because your not in North America doesn't't mean you can't have websites that businesses deal with North American affiliates. another thing to when describing your demographic in your network profile I said mine was Global and for anyone that has a computer. I also meant to and thought I did add Kyle's quote "There are over 4 Billion internet users meaning there is a potential of 4 Billion customers."

The possibilities literally are infinite all you have to do is apply yourself with a little hard work which, is just learning how to build websites follow your incredible WA training and RIGHT CLICK, COPY, PASTE... REPEAT!!!

I really hope this was helpful. I know finding and getting Affiliate partners can be difficult. 12 years ago it was almost impossible. Now the possibilities are endless.

If your still reading along why are you still here lol. Go get your CJ account and start earning.

Please click the like button if you liked it and tell everyone that affiliate program acquisition is a breeze and direct them to this post...

Thanks so much for you time.

Jonathon Lowe.

PS. The total is now 324 approved Affiliate Programs I had 9 approvals while writing this blog post.

Total is now 388 see the blogs below to get the complete list part 2 is published and the rest are coming.

List one:

List two:

List three:

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JonathonLowe Premium
Awesome news I just got the approval for the Alibaba affiliate program they are brand new to CJ and aren't ranked yet, but pay a 5% commission. Orders vary, but I will tell you that just one of the orders for my new Lithium Battery (LiPo4) manufacturing project is $79,000USD. And thats just one type out of the many styles I need.

This one is defiantly top five if not 2 next to amazon. I'll have to see how their banners do, they have really blown up in the last few years and have been around forever.

Hope you have a great day.


PS. Up to 342 approvals now...
Awesome. Thanks for sharing
JonathonLowe Premium
No problem at all.

I have been tying to figure out how I can help the most in the community. I will be placing lots of posts like this and have decided to do a continuous blog post where I add my responses to question I answer that have positive feed back all over the community.

The first one will deal with keywords and my keyword stacking strategy. Right now my reply about keywords can be found in the lesson one chat at the bottom but after tomorrow it will be way back or gone in the chat not sure how long they last.

By doing the blog I'll be able to store all the replies and everyone will have access to them not just the people who might be in that certain area it's all information that I want to share with everyone and will be able too.

The continuous blog will have DD at the end of the Blog Title and stands for Daily Discussions. I'll try to do one of them a week as well as one like this I, l know For this one there is still tons to cover.

Best of luck to you hope the other website is working properly. I did message Kyle for you.

Hey Jon,
I created a new website and there is All in One already preinstalled. I don't know why it's not there in the other one. But anyway...thanks for your help and for the whole lot of ideas how to make it work better. I really appreciate it. I will follow your guidelines. We'll be in touch. Have a good weekend
JonathonLowe Premium
The first one must have had a boot error or something went wrong for sure I let Kyle know and mentioned that It needs to be fixed or cancelled so you can get full access to both of your sites.

For now just work on that one. Super happy to see you just picked right back up and got going again, great enthusiasm Keep it up.

It's already 4:30 am here in BC so someone should be taking care of the other site issue, I know that website issues are addressed right away. And are one of Kyle's biggest concerns.

Thanks hope you have a good weekend too.
Ohhh man! You are really an insomniac..hahaha. i forgot the time difference. Sorry man won't bother today. Get some sleep

DianeScorpio Premium
Following with interest. I currently have 5 websites, not sure I could cope with any more!
JonathonLowe Premium
Thanks for checking out the post. I was actually just thinking of messaging you.

Totally understand how you feel about the Five websites you have already. It's is a lot of work to do the 50 and will defiantly take time. One thing I should have pointed out was that I never gave a time expatiation. Just wanted the affiliate programs to see our potential advertising capabilities. As that's what they base most of their approval process on.

I have 12 years of web design experience. Having said that I have used a different web API for over ten years and haven't used Wordpress in that time so it's been a bit of a re-learning curve. It'a amazing to see the advancements they have made. I'm just working on finding the right themes and plugins. And will be doing a training video eventually to show everyone how fast the sites I mention can be built. As far as Adding the affiliate materials. That part can take a bit initially. But becomes just click and paste after. As far as maintaining the websites I have strategies for having member involvement that basically has them doing all the work for you once the site is up and running.7

Best of luck Diane
Ann41 Premium
i love this great information!!! thank you
JonathonLowe Premium
You are so welcome Thank you .

Check out the reply I left Terri below to I mention another topic I'll be covering for making money online and labeling your brand.
TerriSchmidt Premium
Wish I could LOVE this post!! I'm fairly new here, but have lots of ideas for website niches. I just didn't have a strategy for building my sites up beyond those identified niches. THANK YOU for sharing your plan of action with CJ. I've got a couple of connections there, but now I have a better idea of how to grow! I'll be reading more of your "stuff" this weekend. I'll be your first mentee :)
JonathonLowe Premium
Awesome Terri. Glad I could be helpful. I will be sharing lots of tricks I have learned as well as other strategies on earning money online that involves literal labeling your brand with custom clothing and apparel that is your brand literally it's super simple and anyone can do it, if you want a sneak peak search SpreadShirt on Google.