Just upgraded wealthy affiliate to yearly membership

Last Update: May 01, 2020

This was an easy decision for me when you just look at the math of monthly vs yearly...$299 with this weekend's special vs $49/month, and WA automatically pro-rates the price out so I only paid $255. Because I've been making their system work for me, I know this is a bargain!

But here's the other thing that I am excited about.

I am really, genuinely trying to build a portfolio of content sites that will produce residual income for me. Sites that will someday become brands in their respective niches: well known, liked, and trusted by the people who visit the sites.

What I like is WA is built with your long-term in mind.

So many other platforms out there are just trying to make a quick buck and there are many highly priced courses (I've spent around $15,000 on all of them over the years), that it is truly impressive how well organized, executed, and considerate that the WA community is...and what you pay for it!

"Because of the value you get at the low price, you will have the budget, support, and tools you need for your success."

I would have upgraded just for the training, but I plan on remaining for more reasons (explained at the end) The training you get:

  • Online Entrepreneurship Certification: 5 levels of 50 lessons. Enough to last you a couple months of learning or a very busy two weeks that will leave you in the top 1% of content marketers
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: 7 levels and 70 lessons. You will be a blackbelt in the world of online affiliate marketing, knowing how to negotiate with affiliates, find the right ones for your site, and delivering real value to your site readers in a way that will make them Take Action.
  • Ongoing live trainings that keep you up to date with SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Programs, etc.

Not Just Their Top Notch 24/7 Tech Support

I've migrated sites over from other hosting services just to take advantage of their seamless integration with wordpress, their key-word rich templates, and their Jaaxy keyword search tools. I can also easily ask for feedback on my sites and posts with the click of a button and the entire community of Wealthy Affiliate is at my fingertips!

From time to time though, I've needed help with some things on my site and the tech support has answered and solved my concerns literally in less than minutes.

"I am actually blown away by how fast and reliable the customer service is."

A Community of Peers, Colleagues, and Friends

Blogging can be lonely and stressful, especially in the first year. You aren't sure if you're going in the right direction, and quite honestly, you might not be.

Or you might be doing something that search engines will knock you down for, or certain big named ecommerce sites that need very specific wording before they pay you. You might not know that when you start.

But someone at Wealthy Affiliate does, and they will help you get your site running on track.

I've worked with javascript developers, chambers of commerce, and business integration marketers. No group of people that I have ever been associated with has been as helpful on so many levels as the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

Be it grammar on your blog, affiliate program suggestions, technical support, or just an encouraging word.

There is really no other online place where I have felt that I have gotten more than I paid for like at Wealthy Affiliate.

--> You Can Literally Make A Fulltime Income <--

Don't get me wrong, I'm not there yet, but the rankings are improving everyday, and my traffic is starting to come in. I've made a few sales and I am so pumped that if I can do it once, I just need to keep writing everyday and I know I'll get there.

And guess what? It gets easier, not harder. The closer you get to your goals, the easier and more routine the tasks of running a blog become.

It's been more of a project than I thought when I started, but I am so stoked that I know I will succeed, I am having too much fun to stop now.

And if you're having fun, the hard times really aren't that hard are they?

If you're like me and not sure about upgrading to a premium membership, I really encourage you to take the plunge and make this a 30 minute habit in your day. You won't regret it.

And if you're also like me, and not sure about upgrading to the annual, well just think about all the money you're saving!

Thanks Kyle and Carson for creating this, I'm having a blast!


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Ahimbe Premium
Congratulations upon upgrading to yearly. You surely are determined to make things work at WA and I wish you all the best.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice, and a wise decision, John! 👍👍
megawinner Premium
Great move. Congrats!
Mick18 Premium
Congrats on going yearly, you've made a wise decision. It's definitely a no brainer. If not just for the savings.
All the best to you,