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This was an easy decision for me when you just look at the math of monthly vs yearly...$299 with this weekend's special vs $49/month, and WA automatically pro-rates the price out so I only paid $255. Because I've been making their system work for me, I know this is a bargain!But here's the other thing that I am excited about.I am really, genuinely trying to build a portfolio of content sites that will produce residual income for me. Sites that will someday become brands in their respective ni
April 27, 2020
I just wanted to celebrate a little because it was a tough last 2 months for me and I'm sure a few others, but finally starting this business and knowing I'm going in the right direction sure is refreshing. It takes a little bit of tenacity in the first few months and when I first learned that I thought oh sure, no problem. But going and going without much to show for it except for a few amazon sales can get you down in the early months. But I'm keeping my eyes on the metrics and they are sti
Have you changed the niche of your content site? I think everyone here at wealthy affiliate can relate to the first time we tried to search our passion, traffic potential, and affiliate monetization to find some golden triad of a perfect niche so that we could write post after post, and let the traffic flow in. But then after about month 2, the doubts surface. No traffic seems to be finding its way to you, amazon affiliates has sent you a warning that you've had 90 days without a sale so all