How Stella Got Her Post Editor Back

Last Update: December 19, 2018

Hello, family. I just wanted to share something that shook me for a minute and I don't want it to happen to some of you. I have benn out of it over the summer on my lawn service. And when I started posting again my sites had upgraded to 5.0 which meant a new editor.

It provided blocks and a whole new look I was not ready for. I was lucky enough that one of my websites gave a link to restore my editor to what I was used to seeing. It was a link to a free plugin that helped me a great deal.

It is called the Classic Editor Addon. Its purpose is targeted at everyone who is not yet ready for the new editing experience that has been introduced in WordPress 5.0.

All you have to do is go to your plugins search box and type in WP Classic and it will pop up as the Classic Editor Addon. Just istall it and activate it and you are working on what you are familiar with once again.

I hope this was helpful because I was like, oh no I have to learn how to write post again after my absense from taking care of my lawn customers all summer.

Well, good luck to everyone and I hope you have success in your endeavors.

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Kerjackie Premium
Great helpful information, thank you for sharing it.
johnsoalonso Premium
You are welcome
Vickic3 Premium
Yes, its great to have the Classic Editor available that is for sure
johnsoalonso Premium
I know. I did not like the block set up at all.