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Last Update: May 04, 2019

I have been a member for awhile, but I have been putting off succeeding at this for some time now. I am afraid of failing like so many things in my life. In my warped thinking, if I don't give it my all, then the system let me down, not me. That is a lie from hell.

I fail because of my lack of trust and belief. I don't trust the system because most systems are "get rich schemes" or lies. I don't feel that way about WA. I feel they are honest. WA offers the tools, but I need to use those tools.

But most of all I need to trust God. I know a lot of others members don't believe the way I do and that is okay. I do believe in God and I believe in my Lord. Jesus, Christ.

Let me ask this, if Christianity were 100% true would you believe? Or let's take religion out of this. If I have proof that Jesus rose from the dead, would you follow Him. Be careful what you answer to this. Is the issue a mind problem or a heart problem. Be honest.

Oh, by the way the evidence is there. If the over whelming evidence is not enough, then the problem is not in my mind, it is in my heart. Please think about this.

Who is greater, me or my Lord. I'll always put my money on Jesus.

I love you all whether you agree or not.

johnny, the Grey Wolf, watcher of the woods.

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lesabre Premium
Hi Johnny, you are in the right place. To you gan only fail if you give. A quote I am going to share with you from a man who changed the world, even though he uses the word, "Failure", it is all in the context.
Linda103 Premium
What you really need is to believe in yourself 100%. You have the tools, the training and a good brain. Put them together and be a success.
Failure at anything is just a stepping stone towards success because you have learnt a way not to do something.
You can do this.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Thanks, Linda. Your kind words are encouraging. johnny
Linda103 Premium
You are most welcome. All the best to you.