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Do you need some affiliate marketing motivation? Well, hopefully, I can give you some because the other day I actually hit a new personal record for commissions in 1 day!

Yes, as you might have already guessed from reading the headline, it was over $60k in one day, and $50k of those was from ONLY ONE sale.

I was just scrolling through my inbox and bam! There was an e-mail notification that I had made a sale, so I opened it and was hoping for it to be a big one... It was:

As you can see from the screenshot above, one was over $50k and the other one over $9k and both combined over $60k... I hope this will motivate and inspire you on what is possible with affiliate marketing AND keep in mind these sales were made while I wasn´t "working" and that is the beauty of so-called passive income.

Passive income requires work

I hope you understand that there is a lot of work behind the scenes before this "passive" income could happen for me though... I am not a genius, I am not a super technical SEO guy... I am CONSISTENT though, and that is the key to ALL of my success...

I make a ton of spelling and grammar errors... Still, I pump out posts no matter if I feel like it or not... I just get it done. That is the way I have done it at least, there are probably better and easier ways...

What is your key to success? Would love to know in the comment section!

Consistency is mine, without a doubt. I can assure you that tactic work, if you aren´t super talented or know to write perfect English, or are an SEO Ninja.

Shoutout to a great teacher:

Worth to mention: The ONLY SEO I do is basically what Jay (@magistudios) teaches as the basic SEO, so a spezial shoutout to Jay and his weekly training video, they are gold!

**If you are unsure of a subject, and I am pretty sure he (Jay) have covered basically ALL subjects in this online business world then I would highly recommend that you search for that subject among his recordings and you will find a lot of help from watching those!

Feet on the ground

You might think that I am some sort of top affiliate, right? WRONG! I am not.

First of all, I (obviously) promote very expensive things. However, I know another person for example, who promote the exact same things as I do, but he do it with ads and he actually (believe it or not) make between $1,2-$1,8 MILLION per month (!)

I am not even close to that, and I know a handfull of others who make almost the same amounts as that person does... So yeah, I am not on that level yet...

I only do it through a website and organic free traffic, and I only do it with the exact same tactics learnt from the bootcamp mixed with Jay´s tactics.

Anyway, that´s all for me for this time!

Now I have to go and publish today´s post on the website, just wanted to share this with ALL of you in this great community! Mainly for the ones who need inspiraration, and to remind you of what is possible with affiliate marketing!

My best "motivational" quote: Motivation comes and goes but consistency last!

I hope this will motivate some of you who reads this?

Please tell me in the comment section if it does? Also, please share your own keys to success as well!

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Hi John,
I currently have six premium members signed up through Google ads.
I am working my way through the Bootcamp training and I am even more motivated to continue and complete it since reading your post.

Thank you ! I have a brother living in Stockholm.

All the best and thanks again

Mike Henly.

Hi John,

WOW- my mind is blown away by your recent accomplishment! That's incredible, and another reason why affiliate marketing/online business is alive and thriving.

I totally agree with you on consistency. One of the things I've learned over the last year is staying consistent.

I've been consistent with writing posts on my website the last year, and it helps a lot. So you really have come a long way.

Awesome sauce- and yes, Jay's training is pure gold (he knows how to deliver to the community). I'm so glad to watch his webinars to learn new skills and concepts.

Congratulations on doing what others would say "that's impossible"- but you did just that. You did it- keep it going!

All the best,


Thank you Eric! LOVE your comment! It´s easy to see your success is one it´s way as well I would say, you have probably already had some success already!


Wow! Congrats for making the sale! I am already feeling the motivation. :)


Thank you Myra! Happy to hear that!

Congrats! Your results are amazing. I can kick myself. I preach consistency but I don’t follow it myself. May I ask how many posts do you write each week?



Thank you Edwin!

Thing with consitency is that you have to do it no matter what, even when you absolutely do not feel like it... Good thing is that you get used to it, it is hardest in the beginning, the good old sayin "it takes 21 days to create a new habit" is very true...

I did 7 posts per day for years, and I still do it in periods, however, lately I have slowed down a bit to only 5 posts per week, that I publish on the exact same days every week.

Also, nowadays, I do not write all of them myself obviously, but I did for the first years, now I outsource most of the writting.

Thank you again!

/You got this

Hello John,

Ironically I just wrote and published a post on the habits necessary to instill consistency in our work schedule. To me, that means it all begins with planning and writing things down.

Accountability to oneself is the key since we don't have a boss. Except we do, it is ourselves. So it is up to us to be strict with ourselves.

I finally concluded that my first website was not performing because of beginner flaws that handicapped me with Google. I asked Kyle for advice and he told me to start a new website rather than fix the old one. I am taking his advice,

This time I will follow my own advice on creating a timeline in writing, and following it consistently.

Congrats on your amazing achievements.



Oh wow!! Motivated in deed. It is post like these, that keep me moving forward. Thank you for the share.


Thank you Ann!

Keep going!


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