Back In the Saddle Again

Last Update: August 26, 2015

It's been a couple of TOUGH weeks!
I see I lost a lot of ground in my ranking, but that's ok, I'll get back to where I was and then proceed to even better rankings in the future.
I named this post getting back in the saddle again because even though my Mother and I are veteran campers this trip felt ackward in many ways. It took my mind back to when I was learning to ride a horse, and how ackward it felt being on top of such a massive animal...then came the moment when I relaxed and the horse and I became one.

Mom and I went on this camping trip and everything felt off. We were disorganized, and had to run into town for things like misquote spray, water...stupid things I always bring. Anyway that's how the trip started off, but I'm still glad Mom and I made this trip. I finally got it straight in my head as to what kind of a website I wanted to be!

I want my site to be a source of meaningful information for senior citizens and those who are disabled to help them enjoy the great outdoors of Florida. Well, I finally figured out exactly how my website would accomplishe this. My 88 year old Mother is in a wheelchair chair, so I thought my site would analyze Florida State Parks and Federal Parks within the Florida State lines as to how easy it is to use the facilities.

Is the bathrooms well designed for the handicapped?
What is the surface of the campground like, is the soil sandy, gravel, how hard is it to push a wheelchair around the campground. More importantly I will offer solutions to help them to move around their campsite with greater ease.

Now as for the trip, well by Sunday Mom and I was finally settling into the camping trip. We didn't do much, but things were really falling into place as to what kind of a site I wanted to start. Before I knew it Tuesday; our day to leave for home was here. Well, I ended up leaving in the ambulance to the hospital with pneumonia and dehydration. So there Mom and I was in a hospital in a strange town, Mom's main caregiver was down, and others had to care for her.
This turned out to be a good thing as well because it gave me another angle to right about in my website.
How to be prepared for an emergency while on vacation.
While I couldn't do anything about the pneumonia I became dehydrated even though I was drinking water, both of us were and this could have been avoided and this will also be stressed on my site.
So as I said it was a very terrified experience, but I believe that I have gained very valuable information to pass on to other campers and others who follow mywebsite.

It's funny, I know asking questions is encouraged, but until I knew what I wanted my website to be I couldn't figure out what to ask, so I'm really hyped about building my website.
I'm looking forward to working with you all

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NemiraB Premium
Welcome back, you did not waste your time. You rested, I hope:) and gained valuable experience which you can use for your website. Good luck.
Johniem Premium
That has been my thoughts all along. The only time we wasted was having to make the extra trips into town...but if that hadn't happened then there would be no material for my latest blog. I've been hammering out the details of my website all day today.
Thanks for your support
NemiraB Premium
You are welcome:)
videre Premium
Great post Johnie...I am looking forward to your insights. What a great niche. I wonder if you would of thought of it if you hadn't had all those challenges while camping?

I am following you,
Johniem Premium
In a way yes it was the difficulties that triggered my final inspration.
I had to clean my Mom up and I found the water to be scalding (the Rangers set about to correct the problem within the hour of me reporting to them) and it was while I was cooling the water in a pot to bath her that I realized I could anyilize the campgrounds from the viewpoint of a wheelchair bound person staying at the facility.
It is very clear to me that everything that happened from 8/14 until 8/22 was meant to be to help me make some changes in our lifestyle and to push me forward in perusing the developing of my site.