Use it or lose it!

Last Update: October 10, 2019

This scares about you?

Look at this chart from Harvard Business Review.

Pretty well everything you learn for the first time, begins to erase from your mind within minutes/hours IF YOU DON'T USE IT.

What do we do?

Take the training and learn new tools one step at a time and apply it or practice as you go along.

You've got to learn then do, learn then do, learn then do. Do it right away...begin practicing within minutes of learning.

That's why it's true that when you are introduced to people, you should use their name in that conversation at least once before saying good bye!

You WILL get better at learning and remembering if you practice. So, when you set aside time for training, allow enough time to reinforce the learning immediately.

Don't hurry on to the next lesson, or leave it for a week then come back expecting to still know it and continue on.

Speeding through learning is a wasted effort - and you may feel like you've failed and that none of it will work for you!

Fear of failure is our greatest enemy

Yes, it's a real thing...with a real name - atychiphobia..and it's not just you. Most of us have at least a bit of it. There are good reasons for it being so common.

How many times in our lives has too much training or information been pushed at us too quickly? And it's happening more and more now as we're over-loaded with unlimited access to information and acceleration of technology.

And without really realizing it, we push ourselves too hard, too fast to keep up to too many things all at once, not becoming confident and good in many of them.

That's when you might be thinking,

"I have a hard time learning - I must be SO dumb",

No you're not!

You can do it. Don't rush it. Baby steps... give the brain a chance to "wire itself" for new information and skills.

Try everyday to learn new things.

We're all very capable if we just go at our own pace, and practice, practice, practice.

The genius of your niche

We all deserve a real chance to grow and to realize our true potential - to realize the genius within ourselves.

Genius will come from doing what we love - learning and working on something that makes us happy and excites us everyday.

That's why the choice of our niche is so critical. That's what this is all about friends!

This training WILL work for you - if you put it to use right away. And, ask questions if you get stuck - there's plenty of help here at WA!

Reading. Learning. Understanding. Doing. Practicing....... Success!

Warren Buffet spends 80% of his waking hours reading - no doubt mostly non-fiction! Considering his massive wealth and success, I'd say reading (life-long learning) is very important.

Bill Gates completely stopped watching TV and listening to music for 5 solid years while he concentrated on learning.

And now a personal reflection...

"Hi Mom, I'm your youngest son, John. (hug and a kiss on the cheek) Can I hold your hand?

This is my wife of 18 years and these two are your grandchildren!

See us in all those pictures on the walls? You and Dad beside us at our holding them as babies, and them growing up and going to school and playing sports...playing in your guys visiting our house in Florida...

"Oh! Wonderful!" she says, wiping tears of joy from her eyes.

I know Mom... I know you want to go home, but THIS is where you live now. Dad lives up on the 3rd floor in his own room and he comes down to spend the day with you - everyday.

See, he's there in the chair at the window. Hi Dad...."

91 yrs old and he's still sharp as a tack.

Sadly, two minutes later in the conversation and we're back at square one again. "Mom, I'm your son John...can we work on your puzzle together with Dad and your grandkids?"

Mom is 89 yrs old. Memory and cognitive failure is very common at this age of course. But, her memory slowly began failing at least 30 years ago - and that's not nearly as common. She hasn't recognized Dad for the past 10 years or more and he finally had to move them both into this care facility recently.

Here's the thing... Mom, spent most of her life taking care of us kids, preparing meals, cleaning house, and watching TV with us in our spare time - not reading or learning much. Little intellectual challenge. Life was just super busy.

But as I said, Dad is 91 and still so sharp!

Dad earned a good living first in the airforce learning trades, then teaching high school and then teaching adults at a college... and at the same time studying to earn his degree....then writing/publishing a text book that has been used around the world for over 30 years now.

Always active and busy. Always reading and challenging himself - even to this day.

I love them both dearly and thankful they can still be together - married 64 years.

Why does memory fail? Will yours?

There are too many causes of memory and cognition decline to go through here, but generally speaking, proper diet, physical exercise, fresh air, and learning are critical to your health and well being.

Both the mind and the body need exercise to remain healthy.

Our mind has nearly infinite capacity to learn, but do we challenge ourselves enough to learn and grow intellectually to our full potential?

Do we take the time to try and practice new things and seek to understand more about those new things everyday? Many of us do not. "Life gets busy with stuff!"

And, when we DO try or learn something new, we're in a hurry now to do the other thing, or "gotta get someplace".

We're always in a hurry...everywhere...for everything.Ever try running across a big patch of slippery ice?
Careful steps get you there more quickly, without falling, right?

Take your time to learn and grow

Don't fear or hate training. Noone and nothing is rushing you. Take the time YOU need to learn properly. Practice so that you "really get it right".

Learning is never done. There will always be new things o learn and grow with everyday!

Start today. Do it everyday.

Keep loving and doing what you love ....and hopefully you'll still know and love the people who know and love you - your whole life!


Thanks for spending some valuable time with me here today friends! I hope you found something of value and that you'll share your thoughts and feedback.


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Tirolith Premium
"The way to earn is to first and always be a learner." Tom Short.

“Your education does not finish at school. Self-education is the best for Education.” Tom Short

“The more you invest to learn to earn the more you gain.” Tom Short.

“If You absorb Persistence You will Destroy Failure.” Tom Short.

“There are no Shortcuts to the Age of 100 so do Not try to take Any if you Want a Quality Lifestyle.” Tom Short.

Thanks for your time,

JohnFricker Premium
Thank you Tom - all SO true!
Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks for sharing John. Learning is bodybuilding for your mind.
A touching story about your mum and dad.

Your quote is so true.
Lily 😊
JohnFricker Premium
Hi Lily - thank you for your thoughts :)
klchang Premium
Wow! So many motivation quotes.
Still ... love all of it.
Thanks for sharing, John.
All the best.
JohnFricker Premium
Thanks for reading and for your support!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Trying to take my time... but time rushes me! 🤪🎉
JohnFricker Premium
"If I could save time in a bottle, the 1st thing that I'd like to do..." :)
Joes946 Premium
Love it John!
JohnFricker Premium
Thanks very much for reading and for the feedback Joe!