Let's help more than "10% succeed"

Last Update: November 14, 2019

This short post relates to Edwin's great post this morning...considering the theory that "90% fail and 10% succeed" .

I agree, it's generally true - and, we CAN and WILL be better, IF we're TOGETHER.

Pushing through to your goal line WILL PAY OFF FOR YOU at the right time - everyone learns and earns at a different rate and pace.

Compete only with yourself and advance continuously.

Progress, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is a noteworthy achievement on the path to our ultimate success!

More of us WILL get there if we draw each other along with encouragement ... call it "crowd mentality" or "herding".

No one left behind!

And that's one of the benefits of WA blogging. We share successes, tips, tricks, advances in technologies, new training, and certainly....encouragement and inspiration!

We pick each other up and carry on together!

So if you start to wonder how much time you should spend on reading and commenting, remember that your words have impact on others, just as theirsimpact you...sometimes very unexpectedly, at just the right time, when you need it most.

This is how more of us here will win than just the 10%...

Because many minds together are much more powerful than any individual struggling alone.

Cheers to TEAMWORK!

I'm much better with you than on my own.

I appreciate YOU ALL!

And thank you Edwin for inspiring one of my "infrequent" posts.

Now back to work.

- John 😎👍

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      JustAPerson Premium
      What is the plan for helping the 90% to succeed? I definitely appreciate what you are saying about commenting and posting positive encouraging stuff.

      But is there anything beyond that to offer real help to those people? I was thinking... I have seen posts / comments by many people talking about it being 7 months, 10 months or even more than 1 year and a lot of articles but are seeing no results. Maybe SOMETHING. $30 per month etc.

      Maybe a blog could be made asking those members to comment and then the members who have seen meaningful progress in 6 months or so could chime in on what they think the problems are.

      I think those people would be the ones needing the most help. Much more so than the completely new folks. Because it has to be incredibly frustrating for people to spend many months or even more than a year writing a LOT of content and see basically no results while also seeing other members posting about making $500 per month, $1,000 per month and in some cases in much less time.
      JohnFricker Premium
      Thank you- I think you are onto something! It would be good to get people to share their early successes and how they think they got things going- you know like what things did they feel we’re more important. You should post about that and see what people say. For myself, I know I have to get through all the Boot Camp training and then work on more content on my site, and, create links to FB and Pinterest and Instagram and maybe even LinkedIn , and then post there on those sites along with link backs to my main website page. So I still have lots to do before I can expect to see any referrals and then hope people will upgrade to Premium so I’ll get paid 😀👍
      JustAPerson Premium
      Okay, I *might* make a blog on it this weekend.

      All of that stuff you mentioned fragmented my mind.

      Good luck!
      JohnFricker Premium
      Sorry about that! It just sounds like a lot but honestly, things are moving faster and faster for me as I progress so it’s getting exciting! Don’t be discouraged! Once you have your site set up it’s basically just about adding little bits and pieces to make it “sing” for you. 😀👍
      Tirolith Premium
      “Share Your Wisdom and build attractive action into Your Team.” Tom Short.

      “Planning, Perseverance, Patience, = Teamwork.” Tom Short.

      “Be inspired so your strength and ambitions in life strengthen your willpower to perform.” Tom Short.

      “Together we rise to greater heights because Teamwork is friendship and success.” Tom Short.

      “Share Your Wisdom and Build Your Team.” Tom Short.

      JohnFricker Premium
      Thank you Tom for your wonderful encouraging quotes!
      Dave07 Premium
      A job shared is a job halved as the old saying goes 🙂
      Claudiojuan Premium
      Very well John, I hope that together we can raise that 10%. Let's make it happen. Thank you!!
      judym Premium
      So true! There’s a great energy that comes through community and teamwork. Thanks for this!