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Is it "you against the world?" Or, is it "WE...FOR THE WORLD?" NOW. PLEASE, hang in there with me on this post ...I don't do many of these...I do value your time and feel this will be worth the read and your comment.PLEASE, do something today, even just one thing today, no matter how big or small, to help someone here... or anywhere! You may already do this automatically every day. THANK YOU!Howeverm if you think you "could" do more...think about this.If we did a little more every day...ima
This short post relates to Edwin's great post this morning...considering the theory that "90% fail and 10% succeed" . I agree, it's generally true - and, we CAN and WILL be better, IF we're TOGETHER.Pushing through to your goal line WILL PAY OFF FOR YOU at the right time - everyone learns and earns at a different rate and pace.Compete only with yourself and advance continuously.Progress, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is a noteworthy achievement on the path to our ultimate suc
October 29, 2019
My great Wealthy Affiliate friends, time IS slipping away. I can't stop it or rewind it, or make more of it, but can I MANAGE it better? I realize that I can do better. I haven't yet done ALL that I could do to achieve my goals. It's time to GO ALL IN!What I mean is, commit completely:Commit to investing even more of my time and effort in learning here every dayCommit to putting the learning into action here every day I'll be honest, I do spend time on some things every day that I could
Oct 23rd, 2019 GOOGLE laid claim to achieving "quantum supremacy" with their new "Sycamore" computer. It solved a problem in less than 200 seconds that a supercomputer would need 10,000 years to solve (yes, years), according to their estimates.Of course, IBM claims that it would take a classical supercomputer just 2.5 days, rather than 10,000 years, to run the supremacy experiment. To be fair, Google DID say that 10,000 years was just an "estimate".While Google and IBM squabble about whose co
October 10, 2019
This scares about you?Look at this chart from Harvard Business Review. Pretty well everything you learn for the first time, begins to erase from your mind within minutes/hours IF YOU DON'T USE IT. What do we do?Take the training and learn new tools one step at a time and apply it or practice as you go along. You've got to learn then do, learn then do, learn then do. Do it right away...begin practicing within minutes of learning. That's why it's true that when you are introduced
At WA, I'm sharing my passion for "living & working remotely" for 1 year now! Since the early 90's, I've been working from home and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This is the view that inspires me daily at my desk.With my website, I hope to help many others find the same happiness and "work/life balance" that I've been fortunate to enjoy for so many years. Best wishes to all!
Will Rogers said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Take one step in the right direction, that's the hard part. Then just keep going. Learning to drive on a busy highway is pretty scary - internet marketing is just a really busy highway. Get in the merge lane, get up to speed and find your space. Wealthy Affiliates is the right highway. Choose a lane and go with the flow!