Act of Random Kindness.PLEASE READ

Last Update: November 22, 2019

Is it "you against the world?"

Or, is it "WE...FOR THE WORLD?"

NOW. PLEASE, hang in there with me on this post ...I don't do many of these...I do value your time and feel this will be worth the read and your comment.

PLEASE, do something today, even just one thing today, no matter how big or small, to help someone here... or anywhere!

You may already do this automatically every day. THANK YOU!

Howeverm if you think you "could" do more...think about this.

If we did a little more every day...imagine the impact.

Imagine how many people may help YOU!!!

Ok, Here goes!

Reading Mark's post this morning about human ingenuity and our historic advances in technology and such really got me thinking.

He talked about "embracing change" and "becoming a higher species"

And asked us "What's Next!"

Mark you inspire me daily my friend.

I know what's next for me here at WA. I will:

  1. This post.
  2. Then, learn more, do more on my site, and work for a better personal future
  3. Help others here just as they are helping me
  4. And today, I'm doing this post - hopefully it will help some. and then I'll work on my site until it's time to go pick of the kids for their week off from school for our "Thanks Giving holiday" here in the US.

But, my question for you today is WHAT'S NEXT FOR US....BIG PICTURE....GLOBAL PICTURE...




  • As we learn and grow here at WA, we create new possibilities for our own future.
  • We help create new possibilities for other members by helping them succeed.
  • We grow our capability and capacity (having financial freedom and spare time) to begin contributing more to society, to the good of humankind, and even to matters of global/planetary concern. That is of course, IF we so desire and choose to do so.

So, I argue, we CAN commit to doing what's necessary the training, ALL the training, (and help others, and they'll help you) and work to create a fruitfull enterprise thereby freeing yourself with the financial means and spare time to then be able to contribute more to the greater good such as through....

  • innovations in science/technology
  • humanitarian aid
  • political influence
  • education and training
  • mentoring and tutoring
  • social assistance and volunteering....the list is endless.

In our world today, incredible things ARE being done and developed "with good intent and results", no doubt about that.

It's an astonishing time to be alive and experiencing wonderous new capabilities and advancements!

BUT, at the same time, other things are being done "NOT in the interest of the greater good", but rather to benefit the "greedy and near-sighted few". (for example, "oil and gas / fracking" and "Arctic drilling", polluting our oceans, and deforestation to name just a few).

And, our planet faces an uncertain future considering irreversible impacts of climate change.

Believe or don't believe the science of what's causing it..but believe this, "sh@#t's happening!"

Even if we CAN slow, stall or reverse the measures and trends, we may never restore the balance of life and nature in terms of:

  • lost or disappearing species like bees, birds, bears, marine life, (a long and growing list)
  • the tragic impact of droughts, famine, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes


I DO believe we have both the potential and the means to determine a better, more safe and secure future for the planet despite the efforts and actions of the "greedy and near-sighted few" in the world today.

We need to demonstrate now BY OUR OWN our words and actions, that we are EMBRACING AND DRIVING CHANGE in order to survive and thrive as one global human community without borders sharing common concerns, objectives and goals irrespective of nationality, race, or political or religious ideology.

Not just this WA community, I mean EVERYONE ON THE PLANET.

I'm optimistic, but realistically concerned.

Each nation's leaders and people need to align on the objective of health and well-being of the planet.

This isn't political. It's about doing what's right and best for the common good of humankind.

A SOBERING THOUGHT:...Imagine Earth is "extinguished" by "global nuclear warfare event" - whether intended or unintended, and our orbit is altered even by the slightest degree....

Such an event, could cause earth to eventually assume a collision course with a neighboring planet...which could, in relatively short order, result in a chain-reaction effectively obliterating our solar system,and maybe the universe.

Trust me, you don't want to mess with Jupiter.

We can begin something today, and everyday....begin with an Act of Random Kindness.

You're not alone!

It is NOT "you against the world."


And, "Let it be, let it be, let it be...oh let it be...."

I'd love to hear your this made you feel about taking personal responsibility for your success here, and doing something more to help in this world.

Your feedback and sharing here qualifies as an Act of Random Kindness today! 😁👍

And, a "like" wouldn't hurt me either.

You won't hear much from me for awhile now...

Except I'll share good things from time to time about things I think work great, with hopes that I may help others find their way.

Have a great day...and an even greater life!

Your friend always, John.

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DaveSw Premium
Too many people think that they can't affect what happens on a grand scale when it comes to so many issues. They fail to realize that they do have that power if they choose to use it...

An act of kindness, as you say, can lead to something much bigger and even have an impact on a global scale. There are plenty of examples we can see all around us.

For instance, no matter if you support the young girl who has been so adamant about governments and companies address climate change, she is making a difference.

The unintended consequence is a real thing and if we take action (i.e. an act of kindness) we cannot know what the outcome might be, but most certainly it cannot be worse than no act of kindness?

On a grander scale, simply voting can be an act of kindness for the coming generations as we vote people that are not in line with what we think are removed and replaced with people that are more in line with our beliefs...

Most certainly people who do nothing have no say in much of anything and are to be pitied, in that they are missing out on what makes life such a wonderful thing...

Whether it is a random act or it is a series of planned acts, kindness is never a wrong way to approach everything in life, It is a lot easier and we all win...

Good post, a thought-provoking treatise that we can all learn from!

Dave : )
JohnFricker Premium
Hi Dave - wow I’m humbled by your sharing. Thank you SO much and have a great day my friend!
keishalina Premium
... LiKe! ... yes ... that's all i can say for now, John as there is a big reason for the trillion that i need ... that would put 'war in a museum' first of all ... and that's a starter .... thanks kindly for all your love and concern for all of life on this planet as this planet is life -- and nature is love .... go well my dear friend and enjoy a wonderful Thanks giving! ... ⭐️😊⭐️🧡⭐️ .... 🙏 ... !
JohnFricker Premium
Thank you SO much Keisha! I truly appreciate you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. 😀👍👏⭐️
keishalina Premium
... 🙏 ... !
Tmgreen Premium Plus
It's a shame we, as a species, haven't learned to take care of the only home we have, Earth. There aren't any other places to go as far as we know right now. Even if there were, we surely don't posses the technology to get there safely or quickly.

I agree, we all should be examples of positive change. For our planet and the people therein.

Have a great weekend,

JohnFricker Premium
Hey Tim - thanks for those thoughts on this issue. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to feed the discussion!
JKulk1 Premium
I love what you've written John. I'm a great believer in the fact that big changes are needed for mankind to survive, let alone our planet. Some of these plans are already in the making. People like Elon Musk are doing important things that governments will never do.
The most important thing that we can currently do is to change our understanding of who we actually are. We are human beings that dwell on planet earth. The day we can accept our differences and remember we are all one species on one planet, is the day our planet has a chance to forge ahead. Jim
JohnFricker Premium
Hi Jim - thanks very much for taking the time to read and provide your thinking in this. Greatly appreciate hearing from you!
SJB Premium
WOW! What a great heartfelt post! I am definitely working every day on becoming a better species in every way that I can. If everyone did only one thing per day to make someone's day a better one, even that would make a huge difference. Kindness attracts kindness. Lets pollute this world with kindness!
JohnFricker Premium
Thank you so much for reading and sharing those thoughts with me! All the best to you 👍