Procrastination- The destroyer of Wealth

Last Update: June 22, 2016

Everyone procrastinates sometimes, somewhere around 20 percent of people consistently avoid perceived difficult tasks and look for reasons to do them later. Procrastination shows mans struggle with the inability to be able to know fully understand the importance of the moment.

“I love deadlines,” Douglas Adams (A noted Author) once wrote. “I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

To those who are sometimes tempted by temptation to put off completing a task to a later

;date they can choose from a hundred different reasons why it would be a better choice to delay.

To do, or not to do

Many times we tell ourselves that we are to tired, that we will rest for a while and then take care of the project later, only then realize that we need more rest. (Sounds like myself)

The importance that we place on a project is determined by and how much we value the completion of the project over something else.

A psychologist who defined procrastination and this way; it is what happens when the value of doing something else outweighs the value of working now..

It is a matter of tricking your mind into doing something that you really do not want to do at that point in time.

When I was a young boy, my mother had a solution for procrastination.

She would get a little black gum switch and tell me that if I did not do it; simply because she said to do it that she hoe to take care of business. I got motivated.

The best way that I know for an adult to be motivated into do something they do not wish to do, is to give yourself a quick seat-of-the-pants.

We do have parents to always motivate us, Working on line as an affiliate we only have ourselves.Millions of dollars have been lost because we put something off until tomorrow.

The best way to succeed is to just do it. It this is only a hobby or a past time activity, we will never receive and monetary value for our efforts, It is easy to blame someone or something else for our failures when in many cases we just want get up from our lazy behinds and do it.

I was told that I could pretty well vent about anything in this blog and I guess you can tell that I am from the South.

An employer told me after I had a bad week on the job when I told him that I had worked hard; he told me that must not have worked to hard because I had produced very little. (Work is not work unless something id produced) Just saying

Best wishes

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RTejeda Premium
if we want to reach the top, we must not procrastinate.
JDunyon Premium
Procrastination is the greatest foe to those beginning on this journey.
SadieChan Premium
Great post and so true about procrastination.
john1955 Premium
thank you Bless you
Calmkoala Premium
Hi John, I can definitely relate to the procrastination scenario! I sometimes think that I manage to reach 'degree level' for procrastination. I can persuade myself in so many ways to avoid stuff! But here I am still really motivated, it's such a supportive, encouraging community, I always look forward to coming back :)
john1955 Premium
thanks for reading and responding Best of wishes
Ecowarrior Premium
Great blog and very true!
john1955 Premium
Thank You..Maybe you can tell how to edit this blog
john1955 Premium