Are there really limits?

Last Update: January 24, 2021

Yes... mostly in your mind!

  • There are some absolutes... speed limits...
  • Most of the limits are only in our minds... we set them.
  • How far do you want to go at WA? Limits? Absolutely none.
  • Is there a limit to how much money you can make... yes... you are the limit!
  • Just what are the limits we set?

Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier...

  • Hank Aaron broke the home run record...
  • Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile record in 1954, running 3:59.
  • It has since been broken again.
  • Time and space don't permit me to tell all the records that have been broken.
The ball's in your court!
  • What you do with the opportunity is strictly up to you...
  • The time for blame and incrimination is past...
  • Gone are the times when you can say, "I can't do this."
  • Too much help and tools here to not succeed.

Let me leave with this quote from Arthur C. Clarke:

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."

Stick your neck out... venture into a new realm!


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noscams2021 Premium
As a young lad of about age 4, there was a night time phenomena
known as the "Aurora Borealis" or more commonly the
Northern Lights. At age 4, it was a scary and eerie sight to behold.
My Pop grew up as the eldest of 3 kids, back in the 19 "teens"
when Grampa lived on a Farm. It was common for kids to quit
Catholic school after Grade 8, as most high schools were in the
distant city. So, he decided to join the Navy and see the world
at age 17. But, to enlist he had to pass the G.E.D. and so he did.
When I was age 4, he was age 39, and I will never forget his
statement as he and I gazed at this Phenomenon.
"Why shoot for the treetops....when the Stars are just beyond!"

Reminds me of that song: "Take it to the LIMIT !"

I love the wisdom imparted to us on WA.
A worthwhile exercise in life's travails.
A synergistic and symbiotic group of people that
I look forward to working with, as I keep training to find
a Niche.
Joes946 Premium
Great post!
AlexEvans Premium
Society's pliers have twisted so many folks, so they don't know which way is up and which way its down.

One of the biggest limitations is go to school get a job, make some money by selling your time, work hard to make someone else rich.

Like you say Joe, WA a modern day limit busting and reset machine.

So fortunate to have stumbled across this place.

No limits now!
Joes946 Premium
Great reply Alex
Carson2 Premium
And that Sir, is wise. Good day my friend.
Joes946 Premium
Hope you’re getting better every day!
Twack Premium
Powerful post Joe, thank you.
When you have that feeling, the one that almost takes you by surprise, of self-belief, anything is possible.
Joes946 Premium
Yes! That’s the feeling Twack!
Twack Premium
Very welcome😁.
Linda103 Premium
Excellent post and very true.
Our minds create our limits, as you said. Often it's conditioning from the past but it can be overcome.
Joes946 Premium
Great reply Linda.