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October 19, 2020
How do you define Mindset?I have read several definitions.It comes down to your mindset... no pun intended.I borrow a quote from"There are two different types of mindset:People with a fixed mindset believe that these qualities are inborn, fixed, and unchangeable.Those with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe that these abilities can be developed and strengthened by way of commitment and hard work."I have a friend who said:"My mind is made up... don't confuse me w
October 18, 2020
YES! There is hope! Hope for a vaccine for Covid19.Hope for a better year ahead.Hope for a breakthrough in Affiliate marketing.Hope for inspiration for writing great content for our websites.Hope that we will continue to write positive blogs and encourage each other.I want to bring hope to someone!Yes, I want my websites to be successful...I want to make money at WA...Want to find just the right niche that will work...But, I have another motive and goal...I want to help someone else break free.
October 17, 2020
Of course it is...If you don't try!Did you notice an important word in the picture? I'M! That's the difference in possible and impossible.You have to put the Im in the equation.There is a vast difference in the two words!"The aeroplane will never fly!" Lord Haldane 1907.He did not have a computer or TV to tell him the Wright brothers did it in 1903!In the 1930s French entomologist August Magnan said the Bumble Bee could not fly.Someone forgot to tell the Bumble Bee!Many children today are told
October 16, 2020
A steam locomotive has potential...Until there is fire in the boiler, it is just dead weight.Everyone has potential.Unless you build a fire, there won't be any movement.I am a pilot. Every airplane is designed to fly, but you have to start the engine first!If you don't start the lessons, write your first post, design your first website...All you have is potential!These crayons have the potential to make a beautiful picture...If you don't pick them up and begin to draw, there will be no picture.
That's what pilots say about landings!We sometimes refer to our landings as "controlled crashes"!Not every landing is a smooth one...I've made some doozies! But I walked away from all of them, so they were good ones!Everyone has a hard landing sometime!Not every website is a success!Even the best laid plans sometime fail.It's okay to fall down, but get up as quick as you can.So, you laid an egg... your niche was a bummer!Okay, okay... don't wallow in it, clean it up and move on.Too much in your
October 14, 2020
This not about politics!Everyone has a right to happiness. We all have a right to succeed. You have a right to build a business. Make your success at WA. It's more a choice than a right!Will I be successful at WA? It's your choice.Can I have a successful internet business here? Again, your choice.Maybe I'll fail... it will be YOUR choice!How much does it cost? Better question... how much can I make!First, you choose... Am I going to be a success or a failure?Then, you take a chance... yes, ever
October 13, 2020
Fear is debilitating!It destroys reasoning.Stops us in our tracks.Keeps us from doing anything.Can't make a decision.Brings doubt!Plans we made before seem meaningless now.What we would have done without thinking, we now are paralyzed.Fear is usually unreasonable... reasoning goes out the window.Your ability to even think is destroyed!Nothing makes sense now."We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933Causes us to doubt each other...Brings mistrust...Makes you believe a
October 12, 2020
It's nice to be nice, so be nice!Here at WA we're a very diverse community.We have people from many countries, races, religions, cultures and races.Here in the USA, we're in an election and feelings are strong.Racism and intolerance have no place here at WA.Our blogs, have been great, so let's keep it that way.Everyone has the same opportunity here!The playing field is leveled here.We have some members who are VERY computer literate... Same time, we have some who are just now getting access to
October 11, 2020
Some have told me that's what my positive thinking is!They're right... I like pie, and I do reach for the sky!I confess, I'm a dreamer... I look at things differently.Personally, I don't care what others think about my writing... don't read it!At my age, I've lived more than 10 life times. Been to over 41% of the known world.Been to the top in every position I have occupied - pie in the sky? Don't wake me up!That I have done!I confess, I am not a techie, so I don't try to write about things I d
October 10, 2020
This not about religion!Don't get your knickers in a twist!Everyone has to believe in something - God, a boss, a cause - something!If you don't believe you can do it, why are you trying?Don't believe you can write a blog? You won't!Can't believe you can build a website and business? You're right!Still don't believe dreams come true?Right again... they won't!It's very simple... you just have to believe... have faith in something.Dreams still come true, but you have to have one... do you?Ask your