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December 13, 2019
I ain't ready for the bench yet!Mark Twain said it best: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated".In a few days I will reach the young age of 82. I was recently "allowed" to do semi-retirement. I had done this over 4 years ago when the boss asked me to give him 2 more years to rebuild the depleted sales force.I did and after 4 years, he allowed me to semi-retire again!You've heard it said...Ain't over till the fat lady sings! Well, she's just getting warmed up. I've used the Black
December 12, 2019
Pay attention... could make a BIG difference!Flight crews are trained to keep you safe... listen to them.Pilots spend hours, days, weeks, months, years in training .Kyle, Carson, Jay and others have spent years building this platform.Lessons... some think they know more, but trust me... you don't!I just spent 3 days driving on the interstates and watched drivers who were in a hurry, swerve in and out of traffic, driving like race drivers, only to get to all traffic stopped because of an acciden
December 11, 2019
Airplanes travel through the air fast!We are trained as pilots to think ahead of the airplane.Keep your mind 10 minutes ahead of where you are.Think where you will be in the next 10 minutes and be prepared for it.We keep saying, it's a journey... not a sprint. Think... I know that's scary and hard to do, but THINK!Where do I want to be at WA... don't get behind the airplane.What do I want to accomplish at WA?Build a website?Rank high at WA?Go to Vegas?Make lots of moneyDo I have a clue where I
December 10, 2019
Ever hear that expression?No such thing as a free lunch?Money doesn't grow on trees?If you're so smart why ain't you rich?A penny saved is a penny earned?Time is money?I'm sure you've heard all those statements and questions.To build an internet business, it takes both time and money. You're only fooling yourself if you think otherwise.It will cost something (monthly or annual savings) here at WA. You are possibly going to have to invest in a plug-in, or some other software.Yes, you can operate
Pilot's use a different map than road maps.We have all sorts of things on them... obstacles, radio facilities, navigation sites. Careful planning must go into every flight. Altitude is important in crossing mountains... can your airplane maintain that altitude?Will it require oxygen to cross the mountains?Can I get under the clouds and over the mountains if I don't have an instrument rating?Loads of planning.It takes planning to be a success on the internet.There are no guarantees... no promise
Whether a car, airplane, boat or train.You have to push the throttle to move. If you don't push the trottle at WA, you won't go anywhere. Procrastination is a deadly weapon.Unless you begin the lessons you won't finish them!The website won't magically appear... you have to start it.Tools are marvelous, but you have to use them!A house will never be built unless you take the tools out of the box.The most expensive saw will never help if you don't plug it in.Everything you need to build a success
You probably never think about it...Without them, few engines would run (yea, I know about diesels). Small things but so vital.Spelling, just a misspelled word can trip us. Grammar... words out of place. So easy to remedy, but can be deadly to the blogger.That lesson you rushed through because you thought you knew it...bites you later.I love to hear a Sax, but what would it be without the small reed?“A tiny sliver of ice can cause a ten car wreck.” Marty Rubin “If you think yo
All are important, but without a compass, pilots wouldn't have any idea which way to go. Okay, some wiseacre will tell me that modern airplanes don't have compasses...yes and no. Today they use GPS and DG (directional gyro). It's still a compass dummy!Try tying that into something relative to WA...Okay, here it is.Everyone in life needs a compass... At WA, it is our lessons... tells us which way to go. Ever hear of a moral compass? Sometimes called a conscience. We all need some sort of direct
I learned to fly an airplane at age 15 in 1953.The first book I read was "Stick and Rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche . A book written in 1944 and still in print.He deals with the very basics of flight.No radios, no instrument landings, no GPS, just basic flying.Wolfgang would turn over in his grave if he saw today's cockpit! Let;s apply this to our situation here at WA.Training can be intense.Building a website can be daunting.Is building an online business a reality, or a fantasy?So many great
December 04, 2019
Final stretch of 2019Time to pause, hit the reset button and reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong.Did a lot of wrong things... also did some right things.Been at WA nearly 18 months... wasted almost 12!Decided I wanted to help lots of people and changed direction.Rank at WA shot up to #7 and I didn't realize it!Became Ambassador, but didn't know about it until I got the email from Kyle.Then came the wake up call!Got 5,000 plus followers.220 blogs on WA.5 websites (none working!)86 p