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That was the sign in our hangar.The pressure to turn a plane around after a flight is enormous!Airlines face it every day.Unfortunately, that becomes a way of life.Pressure to perform.Gotta be number 1. Have to be first!This plane ain't going nowhere!There comes a time in everyone's life you have to say this!You push to the top and look around - what am I doing here?I've run out of steam! Got no more energy.My organization has turned into chaos!I was crew chief on this beautiful airplane.I had
February 22, 2020
Most modern airplanes have an instrument panel.Most instrument panels contain an Artificial Horizon, or Attitude Indicator. This lets us know what position we're in when we're in the clouds. We learn to trust this instrument, no matter what we feel. John Kennedy was killed when he couldn't believe his instruments. That's why pilots get instrument "ratings" or license. Relate this to WA fly boy!There are times when you can't see light at the end of the tunnel!Many times I couldn't see any progre
February 21, 2020
Most of you never looked!Look at the top of the wing - it's curved. The bottom is flat - why?When air hits the wing it separates...But the air meets again at the back. This means the air goes faster over the top because it has further to travel. Thus, lift is created under the wing. So, the airplane flies!Relate this to WA fly boy!The WA platform is designed to fly, and it will...If you follow the directions.Don't try to reinvent the wheel.Follow successful people.Kyle and Carson designed it co
February 20, 2020
We've come a long way Baby!Hard to believe how far we've come!From the simple roadmap to GPS... simply amazing!Now I can leave my house and get turn by turn directions.It will lead me right to the front door of my destination.Great... what's this got to do with WA?Simply follow the directions.Don't go down deadend alleys!Rules, lessons and guidelines along the WA platform actually work!Should I explore new routes? Yes, but always know where you are.In my days of flying, navigation was called "d
February 19, 2020
Only you can answer this question?"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score." –Bill CopelandDo you want to score or run up and down the field?Are your goals sufficient to get you there?Sub-goals are just as necessary as the actual goal.If you fail to plan, you plan to fail... that's a wise sage.You may be open, but do you know where you're going?Have you established your goals?Do you know What you want?If not, how wil
It's just not good!At worst, it's disasterous.Seems simple, but you have to follow the rules.Every pilot follows a checklist and the landing is definitely on that list!I have witnessed pilots who forgot the gear and it became a very noisy and expensive mistake.Can it be avoided? Of course... follow the rules.What has that got to do with me?We all make mistakes!We get in a hurry... gotta get my website up!Gotta get my rank up... no matter what it takes.Don't have time for all of the lessons...
February 17, 2020
Do up sells work in the marketplace?I recently bought a product on the internet that I wanted, but was forced to go through a 10 minute up sell video, then at least 5 more up sells before I could finally say no and check out! I tried to find a button to close the sale without buying, but couldn't.Did that endear me to the seller? Will I go back and buy from that vendor again? The answer for me is NO!This was my second experience with a no way to exit up sell. Obviously, up sells work for some p
February 16, 2020
Then make one!"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."Ralph Waldo Emerson. (It is thought he wrote that).I had the rare privilege of traveling in Sierra Leone, in search for a school in the jungle. We took the road until it became a path, then the Land Rover took us as far as it could go, We walked about 2 miles in the jungle and found a small school with about 40 local students, none who spoke English.What a treat that was! None of these kids
February 15, 2020
It ain't braggin if you done it!So said Mark TwainWell, I done it! Just noticed my dashboard and I hit the 300 mark in my posts. Also have 6k followers. Guess that ain't too bad!Gonna keep on bombarding you with my pilot analogies. If you don't like 'em, don't read 'em!Made misteks along the way, done some things that ain't right, apologized for 'em, and just kept trucking. Oh, by the way, I can spell and use good grammar... just chose to not do it today... my moment of defiance!Joe
February 15, 2020
Don't wear this on your t-shirt!How much can you lose at WA?$49 if you signed up for a month of Premium and didn't use it!A website if you started it and didn't complete it.Face, if you told everyone you were going to be a success on the internet and didn't!In the 1970's, when Pan American Airlines stock was dropping like a rock, someone asked a friend when it reached 2, how much lower could it go... 2 my friend replied!If you invest the time doing the lessons, build your website like you are t