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February 27, 2021
Who are you trying to please?Ever look at a website and scratch your head?Pretty pictures... Nice layout... what's it all about?Are you writing for your own pleasure?Who is your customer?What are you selling?Are people buying what you're selling? If not, have you asked why?Have you answered these questions?Do people leave your website wondering what you want them to do?Did you ask them for a decision? Did you actually ask them to buy what you're selling?A basic question, but you would be amazed
February 14, 2021
Yep, it's been a while!I've been absent, without leave!Enjoying every minute of it!At age 83, I decided to slow down... really!So, I quit chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.Decided to live in the here and now.Of course, I do miss the dialogue with my friends daily...I rose to #7 as Ambassador...I wrote a blog every day... Had 8... yes, 8 websites I was trying to keep spinning!Answered every post....Finally, my wife asked me... what are you doing?I didn't have an answer... so I st
February 08, 2021
Just Chillin and doing nothing!Been a great few days since I stepped back and took a break.Haven't written a blog, nor replied to many...So, as I said a few days ago, just stepping back and catching my breath!After 2 years of blogging every day and answering every blog, enough is enough!Yes, I miss my dear friends, but I am getting things done I needed to do and neglected.Writing another book...That's what I love...Taking time to enjoy getting well after a serious back problem...Enjoying time w
So said, General Douglas McArthur.Lotta truth in that!Here's an old pilot... A tired old pilot. An old pilot who has been on Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years. One who has written over 650 blogs... Had nearly 9,000 followers...Yes, has written over 25 books on Amazon...Has been to over 40% of the world. One who chose to serve...His country... His religion... His friends...With dignity... Pride...Without complaints...But, one who is tired, who wants to write another book. I'm so thankful for WA...M
February 02, 2021
What?Your success! WHEN? As soon as you do it the right way!There are three ways of doing things... Right way... Wrong-way... Your way!Which way are you trying to do it?Everyone has a "better mousetrap.": Don't need all those lessons...Got a better way of doing it... WRONG!If it ain't broke, don't fix it!Sure...You might swim the ocean, except for sharks, big waves... etc.Sure you could fly an airplane, but instruction is better... could avoid a crash.I personally witnessed a guy buying an air
February 01, 2021
What are you looking for?What did you expect to find when you came to WA?A social platform? Yes, you can do that.Money making machine... could be.Solid online business... now that's a novel idea!It's all here if you know what you're looking for.Trees or forest?Do you really know what you want? Do you have a plan?Yes, I have met some wonderful friends here at WA.I have blogged every day. Encouraged lots of folks...Made some angry... you can't please everyone!EXACTLY... ask yourself... what am I
January 31, 2021
Someone to do your website?Ain't gonna happen...The lessons to do themselves? Don't hold your breath.Money flowing in after 2 days at WA?... Not!Inspiration to flow to write content? ... Not likely.Hate to burst your bubble...Still gotta do some work... Comes as a shock to some...But, I was told it would be easy... they lied!Nothing will ever replace hard work...There are no magic lamps with genies in them...Tools... WA is loaded with them... you just gotta use them...They won't jump out of yo
Living in doubt or fear?Why? If you can get free, why sit in chains?Can't write a blog? Just write a sentence!Unable to build a website... complete the lessons... you have the key.No money? You have the keys here at WA... unlock the doors!Why are you waiting?Just what are you waiting for?What is the delay... use your key to unlock your future.You can't cross the ocean until you launch your boat!The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...You have to take that first step...No one
January 28, 2021
All pilots have!Reasons are many...high winds, heavy airplane, misjudged approach. It can be a teeth jarring experience or a destructive landing.Pilots don't stop flying after a hard landing...All of us will experience "hard landings" in life!Everyone fails at least once... it's whether you continue to fly.Hey... it's not the end!There will be opportunities for bad landings... get up and fly again.Choose the wrong niche? Not the end of the world!Not making money? Rome wasn't built in a day...
January 27, 2021
Keep It Simple Stupid!More than a motto... It's a way of life for me!I was a "shiny new object person" Every bell and whistle I HAD to have!House was filled with them... Every new piece of software I loaded. Joined every new scheme that promised me a fast buck...Didn’t find it!After 83 years I found it!I made the painful decision... Get rid of it... Leave it... Move on!KISS it! It's a brand new way of living. It's liberating! You've just gotta try it. From 10 websites to 3 - 1 my church