Paid Guide To Advertising On Facebook

Last Update: October 07, 2015

Since I started doing Internet Marketing last year, I have come to realize that social media is a great way to get traffic, and it converts incredibly well if done correctly, I use Instagram for free traffic and Facebook for paid traffic, and all the 3 sites I built and sold earned income this way.

If you’re looking to supercharge the return on your investment, then here’s some of the things you need to know about running campaigns on the world’s biggest social platform.


Facebook is social platform with the biggest audience in the world, which is around 2billion active monthly users.

Why use Facebook ads

Laser like targeting

You can customise your ads based on user location, age, gender, education and interests

Low risk

You can start your campaigns from less than $5 per day to see what works and what doesnt without wasting too much money, another advantage, you can pay per clicks, depending how many clicks you get, and considering your ads are targeted ads, then the clicks are mostly high quality.

Tracking conversions precisely

You can use enterprise technology like tagman or google tags manager to let determine whether conversions come from paid or organic traffic

Shows the conversion process

Shows exactly where the ads were seen for conversions, either mobile, tablet or desktop, and at which point they converted,

Automatic ads optimisation

Facebook automatically optimises your ads prioritising the best performing ones, and they will also let you know which ads are not performing well

Type of ads

Facebook ads comes in the different forms which have three different placement variation

  • Mobile news feed
  • Desktop news feed
  • Right Column news feed

Mobile and desktop news feed are the best because they appear on the news feed among users posts news-feed, and are marked “sponsored” and they normally look like normal Facebook post.

The right column news feed ads are generally small, and they look like normal ads, and you can normally tell they are ads, unlike mobile and desktop news feed which looks like a normal Facebook post,

After you posting a post on Facebook page, Facebook gives you an option to boost your ads, this means paying for the ad to increase impressions. Most of This traffic is normally directed to your website money more impressions and possible conversions.

Facebook Business Manager

Just this year, Facebook has introduced Facebook business manager which allows people with multiple Facebook pages to organize them on one dashboard, the Admin user have access to all the Facebook pages through one login, this is similar to AdWords account which are managed through google MCC account.

I Have found that, its really hard to depend on SEO for traffic, but with paid Facebook ads, traffic is guaranteed for your website if you run the ads correctly, and if the ads are appealing. Instagram is another very great way to take free traffic to your site. I will post my instagram tricks and tips on how i get traffic on next post:) but for now, any additional tips on Facebook ads will be highly appreciated :)

Wishing you All The Best With your Facebook Advertising :)

Till next time

Joe W.

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Dmorrow Premium
Thanks for sharing Joe. Great explanation of how it all works.
Joe14 Premium
Thanks :)
Jovestone Premium
Thanks Joe for this great info! Aweek ago I placed ads for my Facebook business page, for the first time. One day to be seen in the States, the next in the UK. The latter did better probably because it was better timed. And cost less too. It was almost hard to reach that 3 euros budget limit that I had set! Fun to follow as well. I can recommend!
ConeyM Premium
Super thanks for sharing this valuable info. Kudos to your efforts!
Joe14 Premium
thanks coney :)
Sheila50 Premium
Thank you for this information!
Just one question, when I place my post on face book and try to boost, face book will deny me because they say it is against their policy!
They categorize it as MLM and such!
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Sheila
Joe14 Premium
Did you comply with all Facebook Advertising policies? probably all you have to change is your campaign description, and change or remove images you used, also make sure the pages you promote don't have direct subscription options, check here for more info
Sheila50 Premium
Thank you Joe!!!
Joe14 Premium
You are welcome :)
Xavieur Premium
Thanks for a A very clear introduction to FB marketing
Joe14 Premium
thanks Xavieur