Awesome celebration 1st year anniversary !

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Greetings to Wealthy Affiliate family!

I would like to celebrate first year anniversary with you all.

And here by journey, No wrong step as we got our own passion and plan but just want to share why this ground zero background become successful.

Some of us went through differently, some delay taking their training, some got experienced before entering WA but I am sure we all want to aim the success, personal reason or businesses in on line marketing. Mostly, we all want to be the "BOSS" not worker by someone else.

March 14, 2021, I come across the Advertising of Wealthy Affiliate and knowing ground zero as in zero, no computer background, not a writer and above all been never exposes to any social media but face book due to family's situation.

Confused as I do not know how to begin, courage and determination in 3rd day I became Premium. For sure that Wealthy Affiliate will be by way to get to know the new technology especially pandemic came.

90 days journey

    I started like going to grade one, focus on lesson & training step by step, if I do not know I go back and repeat lesson over and over.

    Realized that fear engulf me as I am not tech savvy, so I learn to do it on by own pace, slowly but surely.

    The best too is having our community 24/7 available if you need help, everyone were very helpful.

    I was impressed to the simplicity yet very effective "pay it forward" scheme everyone here in our community is the best,

    Done level 3, and google index me, become top 10 in blog in 30 days.

    Second months Rank 200, within 9 days I reach Rank 100, in 19 days I'm in Rank 50.

    Plus Google index me many times and Level 4 is done. I become #1 blog.

    120 days journey

    I am not zero background no more, as I go farther to by training and lesson slowly but surely.

    Got on line Entreprenuer Certification.

    The best platform, reason why? I got first offer although by website is incomplete, yes it's true.

    My website healthywisedream is #1 at google.

    180 days journey

    Got 6 months badge not easy but with dedication and diligence, not expert still learning lots.

    Stick with simple rules step by step, in my own pace as I'm not here to do a race of who is the fastest.

    I believe who make the most dough were the members got determination to aim their goal.

    Reality kick in no matter what is your dream without perseverance and patient your business direction will go ahead

    Got another offer from big company to be their guest but facing video got no courage.

    More offer comes on by way but you must be prepared for there's a challenge on the road on your way up.

    240 days journey

    Sign big contract for 4 years, money comes monthly for straight 48 months.

    I can count myself one of the lucky one, took courage to dive in to the platform of WA

    Found out how phenomenal Wealthy Affiliate is.

    Although incomplete by training, I got offer left and right.

    Life is mysterious and if you got no goals it will knock you down.

    300 days journey

    Circumstances of pandemic been affected but did not stop me

    Personal loss did not lose hope but quite grieved not a chance to give in

    So grateful as I got family here you all been there for me, appreciate you all

    Continue to mingle and welcomes newbie and tried to be part of encouragement comments

    Although, website been suffering no much content, not even once a week, still visitor's comes to by website.

    360 days journey

    Been successful and waited today to share one year journey in our community

    The dream that keep on hunting me for 12 years finally end. For choosing to learn.

    I am so proud to share to all, the missing puzzle was the platform of Wealthy Affiliate why I become successful.

    Remember though we all gonna reach our dream it's just a mater of when.

    We have all different goal and dream, reach out and be involved in our community

    Choose a person who will be your mentor be coach able learn from each other's expertise and through their experienced as well, you won't go wrong.

    The real key for me what ever the hurdles on your way, you are not alone.

    And all mentors who help me, you know who you are, becomes friends here and the whole WA family, a million thanks!

    Important lesson here "giving up is not an option" no matter what happen" hope somehow I gave you encouragement!

    Forever owe you gratitude Kyle & Carson your company rock, being ground zero become successful because of your platform the best way for me!



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    Happy 1 year anniversary! Wealthy Affiliate was my missing piece too!

    I am so happy to see how well you are doing and look forward to hearing how the next year goes! I am sure it will be fabulous!

    Happy 1 year anniversary Joce, it has been wonderful to get to know you over the last year and to see you evolve within your online business. :)

    Looking forward to see what you accomplish in the year ahead. :)

    Thank you Kyle for inspiring me since the beginning. . .and as I’ve said I owe you where I am now. My dream of 12 years

    Lol, yes I will be still here I must see to it to grow old in here!
    Always learning your updates were ahead but I follow like turtle 😊 does, catching up!

    Million thanks

    Happy 1st WAnniversary Joce.

    You have come so far and your journey is inspiring and a true demonstration of how determination and perseverance are a key to success.

    Wishing you continued and greater success and happiness in your year 2 at WA.


    Ohhh Tracy you become my supporting buddy since I join and hopefully will be still, your kind words feels good too!

    Yes together we will be here till the end!

    Thanks a lot,

    Absolutely Joce, I am with you all the way to the top!

    Speak soon, take care.


    My wish is simple Tracy, wishing all to be successful in their own business, including you!


    A very happy 1st anniversary for you here my dear friend!

    I know at times things have not been easy... but I am so proud of your achievements in your first year!

    May I wish you many happy, productive and profitable years to come Joce!:-))

    Ohhh Nick my good friend whose been there for better or worst day, you never forget to cheer me up!

    Appreciate you much

    Thanks for the kind sentiments my friend!

    You are very appreciated by all here as well Joce! :-)

    Likewise Nick my good friend!



    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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