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Good day WA family,Today is by 6 months and I receive a DEDICATION 6 MONTHS BADGE!by 6 months pass by just like only yesterday, LOLAll I can say within by 6 months I am pretty much happy where I am, its short but I work by rear end. . . .ha haDrive me banana yet excitement everyday on by account here in WA, able to put together by wit, and continue step by step training with by own pace, perseverance is a must though! Two website running and engaging well and I can say successful, but one thing
Goooooooooood morning Wealthy Affiliate family!I would like to share short and precise what I've been for few weeks, I got none left to say but no matter what kind of business you got, you need 24/7 taking care your website. . . . Like having a baby need your attention.Talking to newbies and just came on board members 😝 not the members who are pro and been there done that!I got this from Google! And yes I said I am not going to spill the beans on my " little success " here is the lit
Good day to all my WA family!This will be short as it is nice of in spite of everything such as I can't keep up to my new schedule but I am on top #1 again.I get it now that when you share your little success in the community it shows that you are sharing and making your co-members to be inspired and be inspired for your little success. I am glad just to share not because I want to brag or make it a scene.Simply showing to all my WA family that regardless of what we are doing and as long that y
Good day Wealthy Affiliate family!Today I did not expect a phone call and asking me to be their guess and involve in my website. YES!!! you heard me and said to my self what is it in my website that interest them? Then I found out that they want to interview me and as soon they told me that they will film me a short message to help other women through my story, I will never be in camera as I am shy, it will freeze me LOL I told them I am happy to help and gave them permission to my healthywised
Good day my family here in wealthy affiliate!I am eager to tell you that it's my 5 months today, since I join the Wealthy Affiliate. . . March 17, 2021 - took me 2 day to upgrade to premium and jump in to build my first website.FIRST MONTH Overwhelm with gratitude, as I started ground zero but gathered my courage and dive in Learn and do my training, step by step and join the discussion with the community. I never do thoughts that is possible to learn the platform of Wealthy Affiliate, in my c
August 14, 2021
Good day WA family!We are pass middle of 2021 already! Never thought that I can do it, surrounding by pandemic dilemma, join the Wealthy Affiliate and enrolled knowing it will be starting like grade one and does not seem to be a challenge for I am eager to get to the bottom of it. Must do put together the end rope that should have been long time due, Start taking my lesson and here it comes, been index by google both my websites and can't complain although I'm doing it on my own pace, I still
Happy Sunday WA Family!I am happy too say that I miss you so much, mingling we with you all. Although am busy my mind is in the WA community.Now and then I make sure I reply to my messages so forgive me if I am late responding and also to comments for your blogs few days late but like to keep in touch by joining discussion. I would like to share to all WA family, my progress since I got sign my contract.I continue my training and learning tools for my journeyContinue mingle to the community sup
Good day Wealthy Affiliate family!Got announcement to make for " Wealthy Affiliate Platform". . . .is amazing! Yes! I got an offer July 16, 2021, but did not think that it will go through been busy going to all the legal stuff and today I finally sign a contract!Those newbies and just came on board who does not know me, I just want to tell you that I Wealthy Affiliate platform pretty much say it all, here why the reason I said:March 17,2021, - I join the Wealthy Affiliate April 17, 2021, - I
Good day to all my WA family!I Got my online Entreprenuer Certification in 120 days, who would have thought that i can finished and done it, plus I able to reach my due date, officially written goal date! To Kyle and Carson, who I owe this Online Entreprenuer Certification, my gratitude to you both, words is not enough to express my gratitude but may your business flourish more 1000 x years to come and I am so proud to say to the whole global that this is the #1 out there, the platform works a
Good Saturday to all my WA family,Got friend saying I should be happy for my healthywisedream is in #1 at google!This what it looks like when I went and check for I just post new one on it! What this mean?Reason why I want adding post to my 2 website so I can promote Weathly Affiliate and be on the train to Kyle to Vegas 2022, ????Plus most of you are going for sure, I do not want to be left out ha ha ha . . . I really want to see you all in V E G A S, and I can meet Simone, Elizabeth and all o