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Last Update: February 02, 2022

Youupee! My site had been ranked by Google. What a wonderful achievement. Isn't it beautiful? Wonderful things are happening to me now.

I am so delighted about this improvement and I know that I am a Success in the online world. Thank you so much The Wealthy Affiliate community for the platform that is so easy to navigate and learn from the abundance of resources available in it.Thank you all for the support and thanks to my followers.

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Awesome, Job! Now you need to keep writing quality content to get it ranked near the top, my friend!

Kyle Premium Plus
Brilliant, nice work! :)
phil1944 Premium
At this stage, Job, your site has been indexed. Congratulations on being indexed by Google. Your next step is to write good content that gets ranked for your desired keywords/search terms.

Just so that you're clear, there's a difference between being indexed and being ranked. Indexed simply means that your website's pages and posts appear in Google's database and can be found by their URLs. This happens automatically as Googlebot crawls the web but can be speeded up by using Google Search Console. Each page and post is indexed individually. There's no such thing as "the site". It's a collection of pages and posts.

Pages and posts are ranked for particular keywords/search terms. This is what you're striving for. So that your post comes up on page 1 when someone enters that keyword/search term.
Job73 Premium
Thanks that's where I am