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Last Update: July 15, 2019

Hello WA,

I have my first site up and running, and realising it's still in it's infancy, I would like to get some insight, thoughts or experience about a certain topic:

I haven't made the transition from siterubix to my own domain yet. What are your thoughts and experiences with this? Is it a "have to" to do this, or is it "just cool"? Did it instantly create more traffic, better rankings, etc?

Has anybody tried to do the transition after a while, so that you could easily say "it made a big difference", or did you just do it right away, so that it's kind of hard to know whether you needed to do this or not?


newbie Joachim

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firstlearn Premium
I have one siterubix domain that I use as a test site for themes and plugins, but my published sites are on my own dot com domains.
Google traffic is improved on a personal dot com domain rather than a siterubix subdomain.

JKulk1 Premium
I have one siterubix domain, but I haven't tried to change it yet. Jim