Bit by Poison Ivy

Last Update: July 09, 2019

It is the warm season in Pennsylvania at the moment, and this means everyone is out catching up on much needed yard work.

I live in a rowhome, or townhouse, and the weeds behind my yard (in the back alley), have gotten out of control. It looked like a jungle out there!

I went out there and got to work. Thought I did a good deed. I came up with two large black garbage bags full of weeds.

The Creepy Crawler...

A couple of days later, I felt an itch on my arm. I scratched it, and it got worse. Then it spread to my other forearm. Finally, onto my legs.

My initial thought was that maybe the warm season is making my eczema flare out. I scheduled a doctor appointment. He told me it was POISON IVY! Yikes!

I was scared, as I have heard about poison ivy in the past but never experienced it for myself!. Oh my gosh, it is so ITCHY!!

Here is a photo of my forearm. It is shiny because I have the doctor prescribed ointment on it. Hopefully it goes away soon. :-(

Does anyone else have any backyard shenanigan stories to tell?

Leave them in the comments below! :-)

Your friend,


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JKulk1 Premium
So many things that bite live in the garden. Jim
KTurman1 Premium
My boyfriend's 9-year-old is spending the summer with us, and he left with his mother for the weekend to go to her family reunion. When he returned on Sunday afternoon, I asked him how the family reunion went and his response was, "I got 26 mosquito bites and one of them is right on my butt cheek! Why in the world would a mosquito bite me there?" As we were all laughing, his mother glanced over and saw a big bite from a horsefly on his back!

It definitely is the season for the creepy creatures of all sorts!
Labman Premium Plus
My partner's son was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider last week. He wasn't in his back yard but thank goodness he decided to seek medical attention. He will recover with some scars but at least he won't be missing any limbs.
jmatos Premium
Oh my gosh, that is scary!