Problems with getting pages indexed in Google

Last Update: February 18, 2018

I have been working hard at making sure my site is set up right, but, I can not figure out how to get Google to recognize any of my pages. I have been submitting all of them over the past 6 months and just now added my last 3 by going to the Google search console and inserting the page address and clicking the fetch and render button, it then is added to the page as indexing requested. I went back to several of the older ones and looked at them, they all say indexing requested but then where it says Fetching on the older ones it has the same response;

Downloaded HTTP response:


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently




Content-Length: 0

It looks as if none of my pages have been indexed. All of the pages that I requested indexing on have the same response from as far back as 6 months ago when I started this. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this???? Really getting discouraged trying to make this work.

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JamesJB Premium
Go to Google Search, and type in the box

This will list all the pages that Google has indexed.

(If you are using .com that is)
LisaSimone Premium
Did you write your posts using the site content platform in WA? If so, go back to the site content page. All of the pages you wrote will be there unless you deleted them. There is a space bar on the bottom of all of them. The G symbol will be in color for the ones that are indexed.
jimnkaran Premium
No, I did not use the site content platform, another thing I have not learned yet. Thanks
MKearns Premium
This is one to run by Loes and Marion for sure!
Rich908 Premium
I thought I had problems with google

see if Wealthy Affiliate support can help - they certainly helped me
MikeMahaffey Premium
I am not sure what any of that is about, but every page of your site, that I checked is indexed in google search results, I checked abut 4 of them
jimnkaran Premium
Thanks Mike, I am not sure either, the part that I posted from Google that says content length is 0 is what made me think that Google is not seeing anything on my pages. Thanks