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I have been working hard at making sure my site is set up right, but, I can not figure out how to get Google to recognize any of my pages. I have been submitting all of them over the past 6 months and just now added my last 3 by going to the Google search console and inserting the page address and clicking the fetch and render button, it then is added to the page as indexing requested. I went back to several of the older ones and looked at them, they all say indexing requested but then where it
February 01, 2018
I just got a message that I earned a 6 month dedication badge. I can tell everyone that if you work at this and just try to keep improving it will pay off. I got my first WA affiliate check today along with 2 other affiliates that I am using on my website. It will work if you work. I have had 20 people sign up in the last 5 days for WA, just hope they go premium. The many people we have here to help us makes it easier to ask questions and get help. I am not getting rich from the money I am maki
January 29, 2018
I did a lot of research for keywords and added a new blog post to my website and it has payed off. As of today I have gotten 15 new members to sign up using my link in the new blog post in the last 3 days and have also had 2 people buy using my Amazon affiliate link. Can anyone tell me what is the average conversion rate for people to stay and go premium after they have signed up here?? Thanks to everyone that have helped me by answering questions and posting motivation blog post.
January 27, 2018
I have written a new blog post on my website and used a keyword for the title that showed using the Jaaxy link to be a really great keyword. I posted the new blog last night and so far today I have had 8 new people join WA using the link in my blog post. I am hoping this is a sign of the future using Kyles help. Look forward to working with others to help make my site and theirs great.
September 12, 2017
I have been getting my site out everywhere I can and have had a lot of interest in it. After one month now I actually received my first affiliate check yesterday. Not a lot of money but it was exciting to actually get money. It was $17.97 from one affiliate. I think that is good but then when I see the statistics on how I got it I think I did not do very good at all. There were 5880 people that clicked on my link to get to the site, but only 6 people actually bought what the site was offering.
August 19, 2017
When I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program they said I would be reviewed in 180 days after if I made 3 referral sales. Today, after 11 days I got an email from Amazon telling me that after a review of my site I have been approved for the Affiliate program. I am doing all I can to build my site up to make it a profitable venture. Have not made much from any affiliates but proud that in less than 2 weeks we have had some referral sales to 2 of our affiliate sites. Anyone that tries to tell
Working thru the courses. Learning more that I think is going to help make me successful in my endeavor. In the last lesson I was so glad to see the part about how we should decide which social networks work for us. I hate twitter and don't feel like it is any benefit at all for my type of business so I am not going to waste my time with it. So far Facebook is the best one for me. Getting lots of people asking to join my web page for updates so I just installed Mailerlite and put subscribe butt
August 13, 2017
We have only been on here for less than a month and am so glad we found WA. We had started with a couple of other websites online but found out real quick they were just scams to make them, not us, money. We came to WA and started the free class as we knew nothing about what we were learning here. Now we have a website and can actually say we are making money online. Not a lot yet but after such a short time we are proud to say we have made money by doing what we have been taught so far. We are
Our niche is full time rving and workamping, how to do it, make money doing it and tips and tricks to use and avoid.We have been fulltime rving for about 12 years and have learned a lot of things doing it. We now want to help others that want to do this and we have lots of real life experiences to share with them. We can point them in the right direction to be successful at it. We have been looking for a way to do this to help others and at the same time make some money doing it. We checked out