1 Hour in, I still can't update my page! AAAAAAAAGHH!

Last Update: February 06, 2019

Just one of those things that should take no more than 5 minutes but it is taking forever, and I still don't have it done.

I just published a new page, which is an instruction on how to trade stock options. I want to link the first page, which is already complete, to the page I just wrote.

It should take very little time. It isn't

I could just pick up my laptop, and throw it across the room. Too bad, that won't solve anything.

So what will I do? Quit for the day? Nope, too easy. I'll just move on, try again later. No point in wasting time with this, I've got plenty of other things to do.

Maybe eat some taco's first. (Maybe drink a beer, one of the benefits of being your own boss.)

Peace out!

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CheDau Premium
Ohh my!!! I know the feelings.
Contact the sitesupport.
JimNastic316 Premium
Hi all! Thanks for your advice, whatever it was, it is resolved now.
Marley2016 Premium

That is odd - there was a member last night in Live Chat having the exact same problem - sound like a coincidence or a bug?
Like Fleeky said might want to contact Site Support if it is not
resolved by the time you come back to it.

Fleeky Premium
Uh... very strange.... better ask sitesuport
SnazzyIT Premium
Hhahha! I totally understand the frustration - had that a few days ago when I couldn't login at all...take it easy, eat your taco and hug a pet (if you have one, this was advised by another member)...May everything get back on track :)