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I want to start off by thinking you for taking time out of your busy day to read a little about me.

Well I will start off with my name. My name is Jimmy Massey I'm 20 years old. I was born in Orlando, FL lived in Lakeland, FL for the most of my life about a year ago I mover to Cape Cod, MA. I love the summer here but the winter is know for me that might be 95% of the reason I'm moving back down to Florida as soon as I can.

I'm some what new to Internet Marketing the only reason I say that is because I was a door to door salesman for a company called "TRUGREEN" you might have heard about the once or twice lol.

But I'm young and hungry for success. I want to make some people happy to see what I have made of myself and well for the haters I want to thank them. There the ones that push me that much more to become successful.
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hey guys welcome.
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welcome aboard jimmy!
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Welcome. All the best.
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Well thank you very much. How are you anyways?
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Hi my name is Jimmy Massey, wan't to be a spung and learn all I can so here i am!!!!!
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Welcoming you here and wishing you the best.