Chicken or Pig ?

Last Update: September 15, 2016

On the ride down to camp yesterday, a co-worker and I were discussing someone's commitment to a job. He was saying that " I want a pig!"

So I asked what he was talking about. He responded, "Breakfast, man. If you have eggs and ham (or bacon, sausage), the chicken participates by providing an egg... But the Pig is 100% committed."

It really got me to thinking. I need to be the pig not the chicken. I have participated in quite a few online journeys.I don't believe any of them went well, because I wasn't the pig. I wasn't 100% committed.

Am I way off-base in this thinking?

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JudeP Premium
What a great analogy, thank you. I need to become a pig lol :)
debzo Premium
Exactly and snap me too. Sometimes we need a few tries to make a go of something ;)
MPollock Premium
He is right, thanks for sharing.
HarveyBrown Premium
100% commitment usually rules the day.
MKearns Premium
There are so many bright shiny objects you just have to commit to om=ne or two and really make them shine!
jimhan Premium
most definitely. I can attest to that.. I have BSO syndrome.
Almost any of the make money systems will work, if we just would stick with it long enough.