Getting Distrac.

Last Update: April 02, 2015

Having spent this morning making lovely new friends here at WA, I caught myself red-handed in the act of becoming distracted. Ironically, this was after I’d said hello to a new member (hi Baldy Kev!) and advised him to stay focused.

This led me to think about how easy it is to veer off course.

When I first started off on this wonderfully exciting course (and I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months), I worked my little fingers to the bone day in and day out. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning to carry on with the next lesson.

However, the more I learned, the more I seemed to tie myself in knots with new-found knowledge. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Thank goodness I wasn't too well up on this internet building business!

During my first month here, I became – obsessed isn't the right word, but it’s not far off – fixated on making my site looking the best it could possibly be. The problem was, I wasn't focusing on the content, more on the shiny new plug-ins I’d just seen on somebody else’s site. Once I’d seen the video on how to identify a plug-in, I was off……searching for this and that, digging deep into the code on other websites then trying to find the plug in to add to my site. Eventually, my brain almost exploded and I just couldn't take in any more information. I had to take time out from WA and go cold turkey.

Coming back a week later with a clear head, it was obvious that instead of writing new, engaging, exciting (as exciting as juicing can be) content, I was looking in not only the wrong direction, but I was trying to look in every direction at the same time.

My WA email notifications would pop up continually…….”someone has just liked your comment”, “someone answered a question”, “someone is now following you”, “someone, someone, someone…..”. Each time one popped up, I’d immediately pop back over to the site and answer it, taking me away from the task at hand. After all, it’d be rude not to, wouldn't it?

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to make all of the great new friends and become a part of this fabulous community, but it was time to take myself in hand and become more disciplined.

So from now on, I've decided to turn over a new leaf (or 5).

My new resolutions:

  1. I’m dedicating an hour at most every day to focus on the WA community where I’ll leave comments on sites, answer messages, chat to people and all the other lovely social things we get up to.
  2. I’m dedicating the remainder of my WA time to writing content for my site – after all, that’s why we’re all here.
  3. I’m turning off my Outlook email notifications. This’ll prevent me from getting distracted. I know it only takes 5 minutes to answer a post, but when you suddenly find an hour’s disappeared because you looked at something else on the way, it a time stealer.
  4. I’m going to stop looking a shiny new plug ins, bells and whistles.
  5. I’m going to take it easy and accept that I can’t do everything at breakneck speed and earn thousands of pounds in the first few months (I can’t be the only person that has that little thought in the back of their mind).
  6. KISS – not sure if it’s a UK thing, but we say Keep It Simple Stupid.

In the words of Paul Simon “slow down, you move too fast”.

If you want to turn your Outlook notifications off; from the File Menu, select Options, then Mail and remove the ticks as required.

Stay focused folks......

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PamBrown Premium
I've been here about a month now and can clearly see what you're saying! I have to be in a certain mood to write content though and sometimes interacting with everyone here and reading blogs and checking on other folks' websites sometimes gets me in the mood to write. But I guess it's all in finding that balance.
JillyBristow Premium
Hi Pam - you're right - it's all about balance (and trying to keep it!).
Bluette Premium
You could not put it better than this. This is my first month and that's the exact motions I went through. Thank you for posting that, it will remind me I have to focus. Socializing part is one of the most attractive features here in WA along with outstanding training as long as it could be done in moderation.
JillyBristow Premium
It's great to know that we're not alone in feeling ovewhelmed sometimes. That's whats great about this community - supporting and keeping each other on track :)
bobpjabi Premium
I too have had this insight and yes it is very time consuming I actually stopped the lessons for a weak just to get back to just working on my site but even with that I was still trying to help W/A friends along the way just doesn't seem like I can discipline my self as I enjoy helping when I can, will be working on this thanks for the write up, and again distracted from what I was doing he he lol
JillyBristow Premium
Hi Bob - don't want to distract you......get on with it!
LamontSB Premium
Oh Jilly I know all to well what you are saying, I go thru it constantly and until I can discipline myself better I'm going to keep having these distractions. I started this program in efforts to work from home and now I found my office to be in my winter garden outside where my 3 yr old lil devil will not come lol! I was like wow I want to stay home and raise my kids but good lord have mercy I can't get a break, unless they are sleeping and then all the good thoughts and bright ideas have left my head for some odd reason. Not to mention when I'm in creation mode my gmail goes off, my outlook goes off, yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest OMGEEEEE BUT I hate to just turn it off because of fear I might miss something or someone trying to reach me. I need so much discipline that my discipline needs discipline lol. But you are correct if you don't have it then it will take you that much longer. I FEEL YOUR PAIN AND I SHARE YOUR DESIRE.
JillyBristow Premium
Hi Lamont - nightmare eh!! We've all got into the habit of needing to be in constant, instant contact. I think we all just need to get OUT of the habit instead. The world won't end if we don't check our emails every 3 minutes. Good luck on disciplining your discipline :)
alex75 Premium
Totally agree. I've done this type of thing and i almost burn myself out. I found myself dreaming about finding a niche one night (i kid you not), i'm trying to take a slow and steady wins the race approach. It's easy to look at other sites and say oh no, mine doesn't look that good, i should do more. Instead i'm only doing what Kyle tells me in the lessons, I already diverted onto google analytics reading what others more advanced in the process were doing and tried to jump ahead. I'm now trusting that Kyle will tell me what to do at the right time. I'd have more profitably spent my time writing content. As my nan used tl say, you live and learn :-)
JillyBristow Premium
Exactly Alex - your nan was a wise lady!!