EMD's (Exact Match Domains)

Last Update: October 02, 2012
I am writing this blog as I have noticed and may be you have also, that my websites are getting less traffic. My wife received an email and I want to share it with the WA community.

This email talks about Google announcing a new algorithm change in which it will reduce low-quality "exact match" domains in the search results. This is according to Matt Cutts of Google's talk at PubCon.

Basically, what happened over the week-end was sites with low-quality that ranked high in the search engines, now don't. For example, a site was at #2 in Google, and now is on page 18. A measurement was done and discovered a drop from EMD influence from 3.58% to 3.21%. This represents a day-over-day change of 10.3%.

Just as everyone is saying in WA, be sure that your site has quality content. The study that was done only found that sites that were below the #1 position actually fell. They did not see any results of the first position site EMD falling. However, there could have been as their sample was limited to 50 sites.

The bottom line here is that Google is at it again. I just wanted to give you all heads-up on this situation since I have seen my numbers go down these past couple of days.

Remember, quality content is king!
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Thanks for the heads up, I also got an email about this.
It seems every time ya turn around, Google is changing something.
When I make a bot, get it tuned in, the next thing I know it is broke cause of Google messing things up :-(
David mentioned this the other day. Seems like what Kyle and Carson have been preaching will now be what Google are wanting to see. Unique quality content.

I can only see this as a good thing, our sites should now be able to hit page 1 more easily as this is what we should be doing already.
splashduck Premium
thanks, that's a good positive view of this. I've been a bit concerned and thinking now it will be even harder to achieve first page. But with our training here it may well be that it will become even easier to get on page one. Rob G:)
Mackem Premium
useful info - thanks
veronica.l Premium
Thanks, I had one site that was effected of this update.... so yes Google they are at it again :)
jespinola Premium
Great Post =)