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Email Received WordFence sent us an email today listing IP addresses sending out malicious login attempts to WordPress sites.WA Site Support Ticket SubmittedBecause WA provides spam protection at the server level I submitted a Site Support Ticket asking if we should add these IP addresses to our Disallowed Comment Keys Section in the Settings Discussion Section of our WordPress Sites.WA Site Support Response Site Support said we could add them to each of our websites for protection.4 Steps To
Today is the actual date in 1981 when the space shuttle Columbia took flight. Last week we learned that 5 computers were on board to control the navigation.Today we learn that the HP-41 calculator also was selected to take the flight. The astronauts used it daily as a clock and a calendar, but its biggest role was to calculate the exact angle at which Columbia needed to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. They may have used it in other ways as well because it was the first calculator that could d
On this day in 1981, four IBM AP-101 main computers and one backup planned to take a maiden voyage with the Columbia space shuttle, STS-1. In fact they did more than go for the ride, they controlled the flight. On launch date, those computers were put to the test and failed. Actually they were lucky they could recover so gracefully. Liftoff didn’t even occur on the 10th because some studious NASA engineers discovered a glitch in the shuttle’s computer systems. Synchronization betwe
On April 8, 1991 Java development became a key project for the Sun Microsystems team. But they kept their project secret and named it “Oak”. Not a bad idea because if they would have named it “Java” everyone would have checked it out because it’s a brand of coffee. They released the Java programming language in 1995. Why Was The Java Programming Language Needed?Like we keep reading in the Wealthy Affiliate training, “Your niche should help people and solve p
There are many ways to make money online, but there is one way that is profitable, proven to work and does not require the storing of inventory, packing and shipping, invoicing or providing customer service. This online making money opportunity is known as Affiliate Marketing.So What Is Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate Marketing is ......Do you need special skills to be an affiliate marketer? Just a few key traits are required. And those you probably already possess. Skip to lesson 2 (tab at the
April 06, 2021
On this day in history in 1992, DOS was no longer the name of the game. We do remember the days of needing the disk to boot our PC. But we would agree having the operating system preloaded is easier (that is if it doesn’t get hacked).Microsoft Releases Windows 3.1 on April 5, 1992 Those of us who use the Windows operating system, can be glad for this version because the command line prompt interface became secondary. I always needed a cheat sheet for the commands so the new viesion was a
April 05, 2021
What Is WA Training Like?Here are some member blogs to give you an idea. I Make Money Online Too If I Learn And Follow The Training?Yes, it is very plausible to make money online. The key is following the training and learning the process. The
On this day in history 1994 Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark found Mosaic Communications Corporation which later became known as Netscape. They worked tirelessly before the founding of Mosaic. Marc Andreessen developed the software used for browsing the World Wide Web while working at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois and Jim Clark co-founded Silicon Graphics Incorporated, the high-performance computer maker. So they made quite a team. So Doe
Sometimes I need a change for my list symbol. Here are some of my favorites.Here's the code.Here's the results.✓ Check Mark→ Right Arrow★ Black star☆ White star☐ Box☑ Box with Check Mark☒ Box with X☛ Black Hand Pointing Right☺ Smiling Face♡ White Heart♢ White Diamond⚊ Black Dash⚠ Warning Sign⚬ Small White Circle⛒ White Circle With X⛛ Down Arrow⛶ Four Corn
On this day in 1922, Alan J Perlis is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What a great day in history for computer education.Higher Education Had Its Big Impact Alan Perlis began with a scientific and mathematical mind which thrived in higher education at Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Alan took everything he learned and made the computer academic field better.Perlis Left A LegacyPerlis used his intelligence and educational experience to establish and head