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On reading a number of profiles I think I may be a bit of an oddball.
I am a professional marketer with close on 25 years in the industry. I have various business degrees and Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications. So I should know everything there is to know about the nitty gritty of Internet Marketing right? Well no actually, what I do know I have learned in a large part from here at WA.
Classically taught marketing (at least here in the U.K) is generally based on teaching the high level stuff like branding, strategy, mass consumer marketing, classic advertising (T.V and radio based) and very little detail on the real nuts and bolts.
My career has been spent in medium to large companies at the strategic level. Whatever marketing tools or services I needed I hired in until a few years back when a agency took me for a ride primarily because I failed to understand the detail. That's when I decided I needed to know more. As it happens life has taken a number of unexpected turns since then but that's another story.
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