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Last Update: June 24, 2013
I am writing this blog today to inform those of you who are affiliates of Amazon. I received a notice today informing me that if I should live in the state of Minnesota, as of July 1st, you will be terminated as an affiliate with Amazon.

I believe that their are many WA members that are Amazon Affiliates.

Currently there are six states that are closed to becoming an Amazon Affiliate and they are:

Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, North Caroling & Rhode Island.

If you should live in any of these states you can still be an affiliate of Amazon. All you need to do is become an LLC company in a state that is not their restricted list. I did this as I live in Illinois and became an LLC company in 2011, in the state of Missouri. However, you need to read the information on how to become an LLC company in the state you are going to file in. There will be some associated fees and filing requirements you will need to do.

Once, you have your LLC established, you can re-submit your affiliate application with Amazon using the LLC company name and address on the application.

If you do not want to continue to be an affiliate with Amazon, then do nothing. If you live in Minnesota, Amazon will automatically terminate your account on July 1, 2013.
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romeoicq Premium
wendyk Premium
This is nice to know.
mama2karsten Premium
Thanks for heads up...
techhound Premium
You could also look for a third party Amazon affiliate that will give you a percentage of commissions for any sales that you provide to them. My state hasn't been banned yet so I haven't looked into this myself. But it is another option. Just do a search online for "Third Party Amazon Affiliate".
wtbee2013 Premium
I am not from those states but good on you for state this to help the community.

Thank you that is why I am here people like you. ;O)