Gosh! I Am Going For A Family Trip!

Last Update: December 29, 2017

Hello WA Family

Oh my God, I am very happy because I will be going for a short trip tomorrow with my family to Batam, a small island in Indonesia.

I think I have worked hard this year and so I need a break with my family!! :)

Our family will be staying in Holiday Inn Resort, in a two bedroom suite with our four children and a helper. :)

The resort rates are very reasonable, it only costs us less than a thousand Singapore Dollars for 4 days 3 nights ... it is so affordable! :)

When we return to Singapore, it will be next year January 2nd ...

Wow! I can't imagine how time flies this year ...hee hee ...

My new juicing site is almost ready and my next step is to put on the amazon links on it, lol.... I still don't know how to do it yet but I will find a way ... haha ...

So, I shall talk to you the next time, next year! :)

So my beloved friends,

Stay blessed, healthy and prosperous!! :)

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MKearns Premium
That's great Jewel. If you were to walk all the beaches of all the islands in Indonesia, \you'd probably get the distance to Mars!
Steve6304 Premium
Have an enjoyable trip and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
nabilex Premium
Enjoy the holidays
verazhelvis Premium
Have a great time! Happy New year!:)
JY2018 Premium
Happy New Year to you and to your family.

Have a blessed year ahead.