Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within 23,800 Zoom Attendance Record

Last Update: Sep 21, 2020


Did anyone here happen to attend the Biggest Virtual Online Event, Tony Robbin's "Unleash The Power Within" (UPW) Event held in Florida from July 15-19?

I know I'm a bit LATE (the understandment of the month!) with this post, I'd been meaning to post this when I first wrote most of it after the event, but a video I watched (by Roope) where he talked about last year's LIVE UPW Event made me decide to finish it.

During the weekend of July 16-19, I became involved in part of history, as one of 23,800 participants to attend the largest ever Zoom online video conference to date. That's supposedly a World Record for a Zoom call.

You never had to leave your home, and that was a good thing.

It was the “Unleash the Power Within” Tony Robbins 4- day extravaganza – a first ever of its magnitude online - which had its thrilling moments and yet was comfortable.

Let Me Be Brutally Honest.....

Here's the good news.

Fortunately, I was very LUCKY; my better-half bought us the ticket (paid approx. $350) and since this was LIVE via Zoom, we watched (and participated in it) together from the comfort of home.

For the price, you also get this nice laminated box pre-sent to you before the event, with an event program, and a bunch of party favors.

Thankfully, it WAS from the comfort of HOME since every single-day was a 12-14 hour MARATHON - from 9:00am to 11:00 PM with only short lunch and dinner breaks. The last day I got SICK (Oh No!!!)

Now I know some people (especially TR fans) aren't going to like this.

However if you really want me to be brutally honest.......

Although there were some helpful medittation and visualization exercises that I DO indeed see merit in, personally for ME, IMO this would not have been worth the money for $350.

Not to even mention if this were pre-pandemic, for the same ticket in a raucous stadium venue that would have cost $1000 and UP. (...that's simply CRAZY!)

This was the first time I had attended a Tony Robbin's UPW event. I had seen Tony Robbins LIVE many years ago in NYC (when this was called something else), but this was a totally different experience. As I mentioned, each of the 4 days were marathons of 12-14 hours.

This is only my opinion of course, I am sure (in fact it was EVIDENT) there are tens of millions of people who LOVE the hope and inspiration they receive from a TR "gift" during these tough times. I totally get that.

And some of it was pure FUN.

Dancing around to the video, screaming at the TV!

For me though, I don't necessarily feel I am getting any value by paying for "inspirational messages" alone and LOUD GROUP CHANTS; if I am paying THTAT much money (which fortunately here, I didn't have to do) I really want to LEARN many new things I didn't know before.

A TON of Upsells....

Just like these typical events, you are paying only the minimum price to attend. Once you attend, the goal is to get you to BUY IN on a TON of upsells, i.e., Tony Robbin's exclusive business course for "select members only" ($10K on sale!), among others in this price range.

TR had great help during the majority of time, allowing one of his top protégé’s Joseph McClendon to run the event for him during 2 of those 4 days. Another thing that bothered me, TR only showed up 1/2 the time.

And on the last day, he had several major celebrities talk with him including Sly Stallone.

From everything about how his screenplay was rejected countless times before he made “Rocky” to how he became so desperate he sold his dog for $50 to a stranger, then bought his dog back for $15,000.

While the stories Sly shared were entertaining, this didn't offer me anything new.
These talks collectively "filled in" several of those hours.

But overall, I cannot complain.

It was surprise and a last-minute deal I could not pass up, even though I had work planned for that weekend.

However, I’m very grateful that I was invited (from the comfort of home) at no charge!



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His tapes and books are in my possession which I have learned many lessons. Will I pay $350 just to see him? NO!

I have his tapes too Ryan from years ago. They are great and very entertaining, but now that I have seen him LIVE twice in my lifetime, That's Enough!

Thank you for sharing this information.

My pleasure Yvonne:)

That was a HUGE time commitment. I'm glad you didn't pay $1000s. I mean he's good but.....................


He's great. don't get me wrong Debbi. But if I paid that much money for this (plus the huge time-commitment) I would have felt deflated.

Kaju, it is what it is!


Certainly better than paying a huge price, even if it was on Zoom.

Definitely Fran, Thanks!

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