Don't Quit 3 Feet From Gold!

Last Update: June 01, 2018

You won't make your fortune sitting around waiting for shit to just happen. You have to take massive action today! When writing your articles for your site you have to know that most aren't going to drive the traffic you need to be successful online.

whatchu talkin bout willis......

That Damn Pareto Principle

If you are not familiar with the Pareto principle it states roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So only 20% of your articles are going to drive 80% of the traffic. That's why at the beginning of your online business you need to have the personal will power to push through to the results you desire.

Because just like me, it will seem like you are writing and writing and writing, oh and writing and not seeing any results. The results will come you just have to have the tenacity to keep writing until you find success.

Do a quick Google search for Napoleon Hill’s Three Feet From Gold. It's what pushed me through the hards times. Read it first and them come back to this article.

I know its tough when your just starting your online business but just know that by quitting you could be stopping just 3 feet short from your vein of gold. I worked tirelessly for almost 9 months and I myself almost gave up more times then I can count. But this story kept playing in the back of my mind.

And I am lucky it did.

Because in month 10 I made my first commision sale and by month 19 I had replaced my entire 9 to 5 income, well more like 11 to 11 income, I worked second shift. It has now been almost two years since I have had a real job and I am so glad I didn't quit 3 feet from my vein of gold and I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliate.

So I will leave you with this...

The number one goal you should have each day is to simply take whatever action is necessary to get you towards your goal and never stop.

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marytegavota Premium
Think rich. Grow Rich is applicable back then as is now. Congrats.
marytegavota Premium
Think rich. Grow Rich is applicable back then as is now. Congrats.
WendaSue Premium
Great post.
The best way to fail is to quit. NEVER!!!!
See ya at the top!
Bryan8 Premium
Napoleon Hill was a man born before his time. Think and Grow Rich from 1937 is STILL as meaningful today as it was back then.

Hill has kept my head up when I should have given up too!
Kyle Premium Plus
The one thing I have never liked about the "pareto logic" is the fac that most people use this as an excuse that they can fail. If only 20% of people reap 80% of the rewards, then there is a good chance that I will fail right?

Well, not exactly. Anyone can be part of the 20% and I would argue that the 20% number can grow within any field, niche or category. It comes down to effort and as you say, giving yourself time and not giving up 3 feet away from the gold.

People have the tendency to give their business efforts a month or two, but it is usually month 3-6 where the momentum and breakthroughs really start to happen. Most people I would argue stop just short of their gold.
Windflower Premium
Psychologically, it's really hard to push through that feeling of failure, when nothing happens during those first three months. I'm at the 4 month point on my site, and I've received 4, count them, 4 clicks in Search Console. It's very hard to keep going.