Progress at day 14

Last Update: May 07, 2016

Ok so on Day 10 I realized that i needed to change my Niche ever so slightly. I didn't think my first Niche was going to be strong enough. So in changing my niche ever so slightly meant i had to start over again with the website. So for a couple of days i was in a bit of a slump. Had to start the training over again (because even though i just did it i couldn't remember everything involved in creating the website). So even though i was in a bit of a slump i logged on each day, interacted with people on WA and continued with my new website. Now a few days later the health of my website is improving daily, and I have been indexed in Google. I feel like i am over the slump. It was only a very small slump, but a slump all the same. I am sure i will have bigger obstacles during my journey on WA but its good to know if i just persevere I will get through them.

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2Al Premium
Good job. Keep it up!
dianegailit Premium
Those little bumps in the road are there to help us learn and become even stronger. In other words, you are doing great & on the road to success! Keep up the good work :-)
MPollock Premium
Nice work and hope you have a great year.
holly68 Premium
Keep up the good work Jessica! I hope you will make it...
VinceHuynh Premium
It happens to the most of us, so don't feel bad. Just keep taking action. Hope you achieve great success here in WA. Take care!