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Last Update: September 14, 2015

I have once again reached another point in my lessons where I must share with everyone how I am doing. I must say that my progress here has been nothing short of amazing. I got my website established in June, and now that it is September I cannot believe how far it has come. It has 18 posts of various product and non-product subjects, it looks really good to me, and I just got my social buttons installed on it. I didn't think in June I would have learned so much about just the basics of building a website and building traffic. I have learned about social media websites that I only vaguely knew about a year ago. Now I am ready to conquer them all.

So My Website:

So if you are interested in knowing, my website is about toys for cats. This has actually become a very broad topic that has ended up not only having toys I promote but why toys are important for behaviors and overall well being of cats. In the weeks to come, I hope to begin including products that are "toys" in the sense that they further help cats overcome some of the issues they face while living indoors. You can check out my website here:

Feedback is, of course, always appreciated.

What Else....

I have been busy learning all about social media. I knew of things like Pintrest and Twitter but I had no idea how to use them. I would not consider myself an "expert" at them, but I am surprised at how quickly I have caught on using them. Especially Twitter. I just discovered that I had twice as many followers as the last time I logged in and I have only been posting random stuff about myself. Imagine if it was about my business....

Not Alone

Of course none of this was made possible alone. My lessons with Kyle have guided me through these murky waters and of course ALL of YOU HERE have been a big help. I have sat in on live trainings about Google+, gotten great ideas from other member's blogs, and I have been using that little search bar on the top of the webpage to help me find something I need rather than shouting it out loud to the community. And wouldn't you know it, most of the people I am currently following had all the answers I needed. This is definitely one AMAZING community.

So Now What?

So in looking toward the future, here our my goals:

In 3 months:

  • Be below Rank 200 and closing in on 100
  • Get signed up with more affiliate programs (I am in 1)
  • Become a master of social media the way Kyle explains

In 6 months:

  • Have at least 1 of my posts on Page 1 in Google
  • Have made my first $
  • Have at least 1 person I have helped get signed up here

This is all starting to feel like it could truly be possible.

So for no other reason other than I really love this little guy, here is my cat Ambrose watching our new favorite show The Americans. Enjoy!

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Hippychick Premium
Jess, you are doing just great. sounds like you have it all figured out and your site is great. Really interesting stuff.
Have left you a comment :)
jessbarz Premium
Thank you Cheryl!
rog37 Premium
Terrific website. I am personally not a cat lover, but I can see all the love you have put into creating a very colorful website for people who do.

jessbarz Premium
Thank you Roger!
beata029444 Premium
I really like your website. Finally, I will learn more about cat's toys. I have two Russian Blue cats who are very playful. Thanks very much for giving me a great idea about Christmas gifts for them. Any toys for turtle ?
jessbarz Premium
Thank you.

Sorry, I haven't had experience with turtles.
krazykat Premium
What a great blog! Your site is looking really darn good too, and that's coming from a crazy cat lady :-) Nice work, and thanks for sharing!
jessbarz Premium
Thank you!
Sheila50 Premium
Well congratulations Jess! Your goals are great and it seems you are headed toward those goals!
Thanks for sharing and good luck!
jessbarz Premium
Thank you. And good luck to you as well.