Logo Design - What do you think makes a great logo?

Last Update: February 07, 2018

I Put together this Logo today for a company that allows you to ice fish on a frozen lake. I actually decided to give this place a try and really enjoyed it. You should give ice fishing a try.

Here I the logo that I created.

Anyways, I thought I would pick your brain and see what you think makes a great logo?

When I create a logo I usually look at five main goals.

1. Brand (What does the customer want to say with their logo)

2. Simplicity (Keep it simple - *KISS)

3. Colour (Sometimes the colours are chosen for me)



4. Font (I normally use Typekit from Adobe, or you can try https://www.dafont.com

5. Image or Shape (I don't do a lot of my own custom vector designs these days. I normally use a graphic site and buy my images to add them to the logo)

This is what I try to do. I'm always learning though. Give your ideas in the comments below.

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kvertner Premium
Looks great! And thanks for sharing the link to the brand colors website...that will be useful!

And not to be too critical...but the fish is going after a dry fly which as far as I know are not used for ice fishing. Ice fishing is never fly fishing. You usually use small poles and jigs or crankbait.
jerryburns Premium
Yeah. I know.

We use minnows to ice fish.

I didn't want it to get too busy,

Probably just change it to a hook.
kvertner Premium
There you go! I think a simple hook would be better. Folks that are serious about ice fishing would probably pick up on this...a little thing like this could cause the brand to lose some credibility.

Everything else about the logo feels spot on!
jerryburns Premium
Here. I added the hook.

Thanks for the advice.
N33 Premium
So good. May I ask you does the logo have to name the title of a site and does it have to correspond to the favicon ?
I am doing my task, my theme doesn't have a logo, so I am trying to put it in the header image.
jerryburns Premium
The logo should portray the branding. Example: It could be just a mascot or a graphic that is used (Like Apple). You are in the drivers seat as far as the creative stuff is concerned. The favicon should flow with the logo. It would be much smaller (I design it at 512x512), but should have some connection with the original logo.

N33 Premium
Thank you for the clarity. Now I know what to do.
N33 Premium
... and have an idea for the next Holidays.
Thank you
N with a smile
MKearns Premium
Great. Nothing like putting the action image into the title. The colors look great Though the top one could be a tad more yellow than yellow orange and the bottom one is a supernumerary light gray or light blue where blue is already represented!
Kyoko817 Premium
Wow, this is awesome. Nicely done, and I can definitely tell what this company is about.
Great job!