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Last Update: September 04, 2019

For everyone that's a part of my email course, I wanted to congratulate you on getting to this point. One of the most difficult things in building a niche wesbite is choosing a niche. For some reason it's what most people get stuck on.

I want to give you some examples of niches to hopefully get those creative wheels turning. Consider for a moment how many ncihe ideas are possible, and know that most of them will make money.

1. The Health Niche

The health niche is massive, and always room to create a profitable website under a micro-niche. There are so many directions that you could head in that's it's impossible to list them all, but here goes nothing.

  1. Weight Loss
    1. For Women
    2. For Men
    3. For Overweight Kids
    4. For Teens
    5. For Specific Body Parts
      1. Tummy Fat
      2. Upper Arm Fat
      3. Double Chins
      4. Man Boobs
      5. Any other body part people are self conscience about
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Muscle Building
    1. Workout Videos
    2. Supplements
    3. The Sky is the Limit!
  4. Cure Diabetes
  5. Getting Pregnant
  6. Diet
  7. Nutrition
  8. Teeth Whitening
  9. Depression & Mental Health
  10. Male Enhancement
  11. Natural Health
  12. Hair Loss
  13. Yoga
    1. Yoga Accessories! Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga DVDs, etc
    2. Yoga Courses
    3. Yoga Lessons
    4. Teaching Yoga
  14. Balding
  15. Quit Smoking
  16. Hemorrohoids
  17. Headaches
  18. Anxiety
  19. Stress Management
  20. Addiction

2. The Dating Niche

The dating niche is probably one of the top 3 in the niche department. It's huge and billions of dollars are spent every year on services and products.

You can take a piece of this pie by building a niche website on one of these directions.

  1. How to get a girlfriend
  2. How to get a boyfriend
  3. How to get your ex back
  4. How to spruce up your love life
  5. Dating Advice for Men
  6. Dating Advice for Women
  7. How to save your relationship
  8. Online Dating
  9. Dating for Men over 50
    1. Dating for men over 50 who want to date younger women
    2. Dating for men over 50 that have been divorced
    3. Dating for men over 50 that have kids

10. Preparing for a date
11. How to prepare for a date

3. The Make Money Online Niche:

This niche isn't going anywhere soon. It's a niche that markets to those that want a better life for themselves. It's really more of the "lifestyle" niche because that's what it's offering to people. There are so many directions to head in with the MMO niche that's impossible to name them all.

This niche is competitive. There are so many players that it's hard to get a piece of the pie. My suggestion is not to start with the MMO niche when you first start affiliate marketing. I would suggest that you get a feel for SEO and building a website with a low competitive niche before you start jumbing into the MMO niche.

Here is a small sample of the different micro niches under the MMO niche:

  1. How to Make Money Online
  2. Online Jobs
  3. Blogging and How to be Successful
  4. Business Opportunity
  5. SEO
  6. Facebook Marketing
  7. Twitter Marketing
  8. Youtube Marketing
  9. Living the Laptop Lifestyle
  10. How to Create A Blog
  11. How to Make Money From Your Blog

4. The Music Niche:

Fairly self explanitory, but learning to play various musical instruments is also hot, and probably not going away anytime soon.

  1. Learn how to sing
  2. How to Play Guitar
  3. How to Play Piano
  4. How to Play Drums
  5. How to teach others to sing
  6. Hoew to teach others to play an instrument

5. Learn to speak another language

  1. Spanish
  2. German
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Chinese
  6. Thai
  7. Italian

6. The Green Energy Niche

  1. Solar Power
  2. Alternative Energy
  3. Battery Reconditioning

7. Spirituality & Self Help

These niches are hot right now. Helping to build people up is something that can be very lucurative. You could do something like:

  1. Personal Development
    1. Manifestation, quit procrastinating, etc
  2. Astrology
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Magic
  5. Numerology
  6. Paranormal
  7. Psychics
  8. Religion
  9. Tarot

This list isn't really designed for you to pick one. It's to show you the hundreds of possiblities that are out there.

You could focus more on product niches and create a website on a small appliace, tooth brushes, desks, office accessories, outdoor fun, and men's fashion. The list would go on and on for days.

Choose a niche that interests you and don't look back.

Create your site, write 30 posts and wait for rankings. If you choose a niche that people are truly insterested in, and has good, helpful products then you will make money.

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Karen703 Premium
I am not a writer. Do blogs have to be long? That is what would probably be a downfall for me.
TheCatherine Premium
Karen writing is a skill that you will learn and it gets easier as you practice it. You should be looking at writing a thousand words each article and when you begin that's a mountain. It will get easier
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I would say that most people here would not have described themself as a writer. It does get easier, particularly if you pick a niche you are genuinely interested in. Just think of it as talking to a friend. It's not like writing essays back in school!
Karen703 Premium
This is soo helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help us new people. I am having a interest decision problem because of so many interests in my head. I will have to just pick one and run with it. Thanks again.
ExpatMark Premium
Health, wealth, and relationships are the Top 3 by far. I am a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist and I promote Wealthy Affiliate.

So I got two of those covered. I will leave the relationships with Dr. Phil and Oprah. That is one niche I for which I will not partake.

Stanleycmng Premium
Wow, long list of niches! I am sure there is something for everyone...
Richard153 Premium
Hi! I appreciate the effort you have gone into supplying this list.