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I have been working at affiliate marketing for a while now without any direct benefit. This week that all changed for me. I am a big hockey fan, and I always wanted to get a 65" premium TV that would allow me to watch the hockey game in style. These beasts are pricey and never had the extra money lying around to go out and get one.The other week I was going through my income and expenses for my online business and noticed some extra coin at the end of the month. I wanted to treat myself for all
Hey everyone, I just wanted to stress the importance of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and reiterate that the training works. I got serious about affiliate marketing just one year ago and built a simple niche website that reviews small kitchen appliances. Since the launch of my site only one year ago (I just paid the renewal for the domain name), I've made $3,908.84 total with the highest month of $979.73. The crazy thing is that I didn't start earning over $300 a month until July of th
September 04, 2019
For everyone that's a part of my email course, I wanted to congratulate you on getting to this point. One of the most difficult things in building a niche wesbite is choosing a niche. For some reason it's what most people get stuck on.I want to give you some examples of niches to hopefully get those creative wheels turning. Consider for a moment how many ncihe ideas are possible, and know that most of them will make money. 1. The Health Niche The health niche is massive, and always room to crea
Things are starting to level out for me since the Google update. After Google made updates to their core algorithm several weeks ago, I though that my website would take a long time to recover. I was convinced that my income for this site would take a huge hit as well. Last months income (June) was a touch lower ($612), down about 2%, but not as I expected it to be (which is good). When building an online business there are so many ups and downs that it's easy to get discouraged. Keep pressing
When I started with Affiliate Marketing, I was pretty leary if making money online was even possible. We hear of so many scams on the internet that it makes you a little apprehensive before you take the plunge. I asked a lot of questions in my first couple of days, investigating to see if this platform was legit. You have to understand that I went through a lot of other false platforms and still carried my battle scars.It didn't take long before I was confident that this platform was for real a
Last month, I wrote a post about how I accomplished my $100 a month goal after several months of distraction. I finally decided to stay with a niche and write 30-50 articles to see what happens before I give up. I'm so glad that I decded to stay with it. Those articles began to rank in 5-8 months, and I started to see some traffic. Last month (April), I said that I completed my $100 goal by making $220. It was time to create a new goal. I set my new goal for $500 and was ready to wait a couple
April 29, 2019
I have not taken a lot of time writing posts on WA lately because I've been busy building out my website.When I started with WA, I didn't make any money my first year because I was too distracted. I chased after things that didn't matter and spent more time wishing and not working. I learned that making money online is about planting article seeds, these seeds take time to grow and generate income. I wasn't patient and never stuck with anything long enough to make money with it. I decided that
One of the great things about the laptop lifestyle or working online is that you can do it from almost anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can work on your site.Last week I put this to the test when I was up north ice fishing. I was 3 miles from shore on the middle of Lake Nipissing. I used my cell phone as a hotspot and as I waited for those fish to bite, I worked on my site. I thought that it was pretty cool.Now, it's not the beach like most of the "work from
February 19, 2018
I have changed my logo for my website It's a website that help people start with affiliate marketing. I have created an unique logo for the site and was wondering about your feedback on it. I called it million dollar monkey because I preach that anyone can start making money online no matter their experience. Anyways, thanks for your time and investment in my business. Cheers.
I Put together this Logo today for a company that allows you to ice fish on a frozen lake. I actually decided to give this place a try and really enjoyed it. You should give ice fishing a try.Here I the logo that I created. Anyways, I thought I would pick your brain and see what you think makes a great logo? When I create a logo I usually look at five main goals. 1. Brand (What does the customer want to say with their logo)2. Simplicity (Keep it simple - *KISS)3. Colour (Sometimes the colours