Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner!

Last Update: February 03, 2020

Do Something Different This Year!

Messages in A Bottle

If you have trouble being romantic, or possibly even feel awkward
revealing your love openly, this is a fantastic way of getting your
message through.

Messages in a bottle will take your loved one back to the love stories of her
youth, and represent a secret love that every woman will melt to.

You can acquire a message in a bottle from
where you can customize the etched message that will be carefully
placed in the plastic bottle.

You can always leave the message in the tub where they can
playfully discover it.

You can likewise hand write the messages and leave them around for your
partner to discover (think, mirrors, car, her or his shoes! - Anywhere and
all over so that the whole day is filled with discovering love notes from you.

One of my friends put their own little twist to the messages of love concept.
Rather than just messages proclaiming his love, he created a romantic
treasure hunt where each message was a hint as to what to do next. The
" treasure" led her to a romantic picnic dinner, and following that, a sunset walk.

Planning out a romantic and remarkable Valentine's Day does not need to
be expensive or complex.

On this day above all others, it genuinely is the thought that counts.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great Idea, Jerry! Thanks for sharing, my friend!
JeromeEllis Premium
Anytime! I thought it was a cool idea too!
JeffreyBrown Premium